Clientele - Bicycles

Artist: Clientele

Songs: Bicycles

Album: Suburban Light (2000)


Suburban Light is the debut album by The Clientele, released in November 2000. The album is not a proper debut as such because it's a collection of singles released from 1997 through 2000.

…an exquisite collection of songs: majestic, delicate, gorgeous and timeless...the echo-laden production is oft (and justly) mentioned in other reviews of the clientele...each track sounds as if it is beaming through your walls from a distant room, and because of that the songs remain elusive at the same time that they burrow deep into your brain, to nestle against a warm fissure of gray matter and resonate throughout your day...you'll stride down the street singing without being sure of the lyrics, you'll be transported to foggy memorial chambers in your mind, feeling each pang of aching nostalgia diffuse into the impossibly warm sounds radiating from your speakers...


Not enough could be said about this amazing London based indie outfit. This their semi-debut album is a collection of extremely rare 7 inch singles they'e put out recently as well four new tracks. NME says, 'Haunting, Fragile and strangely tragic...A sweetness & elegance that defy cliche...', MAGNET UK says, 'like a Kevin Shields/My Bloody Valentine radiating Hawaiian Melodies...a Galaxie 500 of transcendental beauty'. They've recieved glowing reviews in nearly all their press. RECORD COLLECTOR UK awared them 'Single Of The Month' twice. This is for fans of Nick Drake, early Creation bands, Trash Can Sinatras, Field Mice, Blue Nile, Red House Painters and the like.






Bicycles have drifted through these leaves still wet
with rain
August now has faded in the silence of the rain
I remember one Sunday, riding in through the gate
Three balloons in a white sky, 1978
La la la.....

Playgrounds where we spent our days
Return within our dreams
What it is, it isn't up to me
I've been driving in my car
On Sunday in the rain
And my life is slipping so away 


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