Tiny Lights - Tricycle Song

Artist: Tiny Lights

Song:  Tricycle Song

Album: Milky Juicy (1995)


Tiny Lights , a music group formed by John Hamilton and Donna Croughn in , was one of the most unassuming and probably the most endearing folk-rock combo of the era.

The group's members employed a rich array of instrumentation, including cello, electric violin, soprano saxophone, tabla drums and bass clarinet. Improvisation was a constant feature of their live performances. One critic has memorably described the band as "Sly and the Family Partridge."

The ambitious Milky Juicy (1994), almost a summary of their career's experiments, was basically progressive-rock with a soul. Equally versed in free-form jams and riff-driven rave-ups, the new line-up used its versatility to increase the emotional depth of the music.


(…) Milky Juicy is the band's most adventurous, eclectic record. Comfortable in what it can do but undaunted by what it can't, Tiny Lights rifles through a sample-book's worth of styles, never sticking with one sound two songs in a row. The personality and family feel is never more evident (indeed, by this time Croughn and Hamilton had gotten married) or its sentiments and observations more accessible. Milky Juicy is the sound of a band following its heart. Scott Schinder / Scott Frampton


Blind Melon - Three Is A Magic Number

Artist: Blind Melon

Song:  Three Is A Magic Number

Album: VV. AA. - Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996)


"Three Is a Magic Number" is one of the original 46 songs from the Schoolhouse Rock! series. Schoolhouse Rock! is a series of animated musical educational short films that aired during the Saturday morning children's programming on the U.S. television network ABC.

The inaugural song created for the series, the track was composed and performed in 1973 by Bob Dorough, musical director of the series.

In 1996, alternative group Blind Melon released a cover version of the song on the Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks album.

The song is also parodied by Jack Black in the movie School of Rock, when Black accidentally refers to the number 9 as "a magic number".

Jeff Buckley did a cover of this song in a live concert (1995-12-31: Mercury Lounge, New York City, NY, USA), and Embrace also covered the song.

De La Soul used some of the original lyrics in their version of "Three Is a Magic Number," although this hip hop version was very different from the original.


Blind Melon cover

Embrace cover from album Fireworks (Singles 1997-2002) 

Jeff Buckley cover


three is a magic number, yes it is, it's a magic number.
somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity, you get three as a magic number.
the past and the present and the future,
faith hope and charity,
the heart and the brain and the body,
give you three as a magic number.

it takes three legs to make a tripod, or to make a table stand.
it takes three wheels to make a vehicle called a tricycle.
ev'ry triangle has three corners; ev'ry triangle has three sides.
no more , no less; you don't have to guess.
when it's three, you can see it's a magic number.

a man and a woman had a little baby.
yes they did.
they had three in the family.
and that's a magic number.

three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, eighteen,
twenty-one twenty-four, twenty-seven, thirty.

three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, eighteen,
twenty-one twenty-four, twenty-seven, thirty.

three times ten is thirty. three times nine is twenty-seven.
three times eight is twenty-four. three times seven is twenty-one.
three times six is eighteen. three times five is fifteen.
three times four is twelve, and three times three is nine,
and three times two is six, and three times one is three, of course.

three times one: what is it? three!
that's a magic number.

a man and a woman had a little baby.
yes they did.
they had three in the family.
and that's a magic number.


Original video from Schoolhouse Rocks


Embrace video live


Jack Black in the movie School of Rock



Flim & The BB's - Tricycle

Artist: Flim & The BB’s

Song:  Tricycle

Album: Tricycle (1990)


One of the most popular fusion and light jazz groups to emerge during the 1980s, Flim and the BB's comprised bassist Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Billy Barber, percussionist Billy Berg and reeds player Dick Oatts. (For the record, "Flim" was an old nickname of Johnson's, while "the BB's" originated from Barber and Berg's shared initials). Debuting in 1982 with the album Tricycle, Flim and the BB's' fusion sound proved ideally suited for the onset of the compact disc boom; they were among the first artists to record utilizing digital technology, and albums like 1985's Big Notes and 1987's Neon quickly found a following not only among contemporary jazz fans but also among tech-heads. After 1988's Further Adventures, the quartet departed indie label DMP for Warner Bros., making their major-label debut a year later with New Pants. 1992's This Is a Recording was their final effort. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide


Mark Egan - Trycicles

Artist: Mark Egan

Song:  Tricycles

Album: Freedom Town (2001)


Mark Egan, who has a floating sound, is best-known for his leadership of Elements with drummer Danny Gottlieb. His first instrument was the trumpet, switching to bass at 16. Egan played with Ira Sullivan's group in Miami from 1974 to 1976 and then moved to New York where he toured with the Pointer Sisters and David Sanborn. Egan's big break was when he became a member of the Pat Metheny Group (1977-1980), recording and touring extensively. Since leaving Metheny, he has worked in many situations, including with Stan Getz, Jim Hall, the Gil Evans Orchestra (1983-1985), and John McLaughlin. Elements, which usually also features Bill Evans on reeds and keyboardist Clifford Carter, was formed in 1982 and has existed on a part-time basis ever since, recording for Philo, Antilles, Novus, and Bluemoon. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide





John Kirkpatrick - Pig On A Bicycle

Artist: John Kirkpatrick

Song: Pig On A Tricycle

Album: Carolling & Crumpets (2006)


A thorough understanding of folk traditions and a virtuosic mastery as an instrumentalist, John Kirkpatrick has risen to the top echelon of British folk music. A master of the button accordion, Anglo concertina, and melodeon, Kirkpatrick has balanced solo work; collaborations with his ex-wife and hammered dulcimer and oboe player Sue Harris in the 1980s; and session work with a lengthy and diverse list of artists, including Richard Thompson, Pere Ubu, Steeleye Span, Tarika Sammy, Gerry Rafferty, Tony Bird, and Loudon Wainwright III. Kirkpatrick has combined traditional folk music and modern… 

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(…) The delicious melodeon tune Pig On A Tricycle is a none-too-tenuously-named offering for the Redcar Sword Dancers, while John delights in his "swinging concertina bells" party-piece before ending the CD on a rousing note with the Lowry carol Rolling Downward. (…)


Damien Saez - Yellow Tricycle

Artist:  Damien Saez

Song: Yellow Tricycle

Album: A Lovers Prayer (2009)


Voici le 1er album écrit, composé et interprété en anglais par Damien Saez ! Après sa prestation très remarquée aux Victoires de la Musique et en attendant son prochain album Rock à l'automne, Saez revient donc aujourd'hui avec un album de taille !!




voice in my head

and... of it

i know they're waiting for me

out of the window

i'll jump

maybe i'll crash


where i'm going ?

where i'm from ?

and a yellow tricycle

the nights have been looking for

for a way back home

the things that i'm going through

the fear just to talk to you

the friends i don't understand

and you

like a nail in my hand

you don't know

the lies that i took for truth

the day is running after you

my heart is beating fast

if only a moment could last

the nights that i spent with you

it don't remember

do you ?

the pain that will never end

cause you're like a nail in my hand

you don't know

for you

making all blue

for you

it's all new

it's all new

for you

making all blue

my yellow tricycle

you're two broken wings


and run

and run


my yellow tricycle

you make the world all blue

for you

making all blue

voice in my head

and... ... ... of it

i know they're waiting for me

out of the window

maybe i'll jump

and you will rescue maybe

my only friend

my only you

maybe you will rescue me

making all blue

for you 

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Psapp - Tricycle

Artist: Psapp

Song: Tricycle

Album: The Only Thing I Ever Wanted (2006)


The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is the second album by Psapp. The album reached the UK Top 75 and the US Billboard 200 Albums, selling in excess of 800,000 copies in total.

"Tricycle" was the first single from the album to be released in Europe.

This London-based duo's formula of addictive melodies, electronic frolics, and found sounds have put them on the musical map. Silly noises married to sultry vocals and perspicacious lyrics produce recordings of shimmering originality and nascent charm. "The problem with a lot of electronic music is that it either takes itself too seriously or not seriously enough. Psapp offers the perfect solution: do both...knick-knacky sound effects, plucky violin, and whizzing bleeps over warm, elastic beats for a euphoric sound that's like a toy closet come to life" - SF Weekly.


…the exceedingly British female vox, eclectic percussion and random noisemakers (including what seems to be a rubber duckie on Tricycle) that are Psapp's staple are all still on display, never fear…





You know and I know 
How we work and how we hope 
We get all tied up 

You made some magic 
You didn?t even try 
Fell out of your eye 
And I did to 

You canda tennon one hand today 
My fingers get in the way 
I get all tied up 

You know and I know 
How we work and how we hope 
We get all tied up 

I drag my feet and drag your style 
Don?t want me around 
Tie you up



Wild Carnation - Tricycle

Artist: Wild Carnation

Album: Tricycle (1994)

Wild Carnation recorded their first album (Tricycle) in 1994: Brenda wrote all the lyrics, while the composition of music has been a collaborative effort amongst all three members of the band.The lineage of this northern New Jersey trio offers a polite starting point for understanding its sunny songs. Bassist/Vocalist Brenda Sauter played with both the kings of frenetic jangle, 'The Feelies', and the more folksy-leaning 'Speed The Plough'. But Sauter's new band, in which she does all the singing and lyric-writing, could've just as easily been high on the spirit of The Feelies when they wrote 'Tricycle', considering Wild Carnation's affinity for pop highs and jingly guitar sounds like those created by Glenn Mercer and Bill Million. Not to say at all that Wild Carnation is an exact rip-off of the Feelies but the group's sprightly electric/acoustic guitar interplay and driving melodies, along with Sauter's plaintive but firm vocals, that threaten to lift right off the ground in pursuit of the next billowy cloud are very reminiscent of her fellow ex-counterparts Glenn Mercer and Bill Million's tunes. Heartfelt dreamers and lovers of breezy acoustic pop are recommended to check out Wild Carnation's new album Tricycle, it's a crisp, fully-realized and lovely debut that captures the spirit of gorgeous song writing. 



Core - Bicycle And Tricycle

Artist: Core

Song: Bicycle And Tricycle

Album: Hustle Is On (1999)


The heavy rock trio Core consists of guitarist/singer Finn, bassist Carmine, and drummer Tim. The group's intense mix of jazz, metal, and classic rock debuted in 1996 on their Atlantic Records release Revival; three years later, the group returned with The Hustle Is On, which was released on MIA Records and added acoustic elements to their sound.




William Ackermann - Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen

Artist: William Ackerman

Song:  Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen

Album: In Search Of The Turtle’s Navel  (1990)


William Ackerman is a guitarist and composer of acoustic-based instrumental music. He founded and ran for many years the influential new age record label Windham Hill Records.


In Search of the Turtle's Navel is the 1976 debut album. Some consider the album to be the start of  New Age music. Ackerman's acoustic guitar improvisations, full of shifting moods and tempos, evocative and stirring, transformed him from a carpenter to a record company executive and charmed a surprisingly large audience. The music retains its power to move listeners today.


(…)This is Will Ackerman's first album, and sometimes, in some ways, I think it's one of his best. Keep in mind that this is a younger, brasher Ackerman, not very far at all from the modern fingerpicking traditions of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, and Leo Kottke. Rhythm, pattern, and melody line, played with the vigor of a good steel string. This album makes the connection between the west coast style and the more polished and controlled musician of the Windham Hill years. 
Ackerman gives himself away in his titles - Like 'Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen', 'Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction', and 'What the Buzzard Told Suzanne.' This isn't about meditating to guitar music, it's about playing, listening, and appreciating the find work of a player/composer who went on to make a very significant mark in new age and jazz music. 
Some of these pieces, like processional, will reappear in different forms as Ackerman develops as a performer. Here it displays considerable muscle and surface tension. Later it will become more contemplative and inward bound. These early albums reveal the soloist side of the musician. In later years he will become more interested in cooperative efforts. None of it any less than great, by I keep coming back to the simple presentation he uses here, where he doesn't need to modulate the strength of his presentation. 



Guided By Voices - Tricyclic Looper

Artist: Guided By Voices

Song:  Tricyclic Looper

Album: Box (1995)


Guided by Voices  was an American indie rock band originating from DaytonOhio. Since the band's formation in 1983, it experienced frequent personnel changes, but always maintained the presence of principal songwriter Robert Pollard. Guided by Voices disbanded in 2004, though many of its former members remain musically involved in solo careers or other side projects.

Guided by Voices also garnered much attention for its prolific output, with a seemingly endless stream of releases. Most songs are in the two-minute range, but many are even shorter; often they end abruptly or are intertwined with odd and homemade sound effects.


Tricyclic Looper appears on “Box” (five cd), but was originally included in “Back To Saturn X”, album proposed/aborted in 1992. Box collects their first four limited-release albums and an LP of previously unavailable material, King Shit and the Golden Boys.




Tricyclic looper breaks his neck
brings down the walls says it cool
tricyclic looper says come on
tries it ? that's not my school
tricyclic looper free the man
the man who earns a chain a day
tryiclic looper it's a gas
freedom now and have some class
try issues field the play 
try with me that's okay
drive around all your way
drive me
try issues field the play 
try with me that's okay
drive me around your way
drive me

come on loop, loop
tricyclic looper loves his job
choose it that way he's a slob
tricyclick looper loves his job
scream and shot takes some drugs
and rides it out.
tricyclic looper
freedom man 
freedom chump who broke his hands
tricyclic looper all they way 
all the day and all decay
she don't nose around me
I'm okay without
don't you break me bottle baby
I'm the one that said that
triciclic looper triciclic looper
triciclic looper
come on loop




Daniel Johnston & His Hyperjinx Tricycle

Artist: Daniel Johnston & His Hyperjinx Tricycle

Album: omonimo (2004)


(…) Daniel Johnston has been recording albums for twenty years, along the way becoming a favorite of Kurt Cobain, Yo La Tengo and Sparklehorse, whose Mark Linkous produced his latest effort, Fear Yourself. But as loved as Johnston is for his music, he is perhaps most famous for his battle with manic depression, which simultaneously fuels his songwriting and threatens to destroy it. 

(…) The iconoclastic Johnston has long been a favorite on the alternative rock scene. His homemade cassettes established Johnston with cult legend status in the Eighties. His colorful artwork also drew fans, most notably Kurt Cobain, who would don a T-shirt featuring the "Hi, How Are You?" frog that Johnston designed twenty years ago.


Dream Warriors - Tricylce And Kittens

Artist: Dream Warriors

Song:  Tricycle And Kittens

Album: Subliminal Simulation (1994)


The Dream Warriors were a Canadian alternative hip hop duo from TorontoOntario, composed of King Lou and Capital Q. They were emcees of Caribbean heritage. In 1993, the duo expanded to include a third emcee named Spek, and the official membership of its longtime DJ, DJ Luv (formerly L.A. Luv).

remixes by Butterfly (3)

True to Hip Hop, Good Beats, Good rhymes. These guys Bring to you a great sounding vibe. Very good summer or Back pack hip hop, that will leave your head bobbn'.




Aesop Rock - The Mayor And The Crock

Artist: Aesop Rock

Song: The Mayor And The Crook

Album: Float (2000)


Aesop Rock (born Ian Matthias Bavitz) is an American hip hop artist. He was at the forefront of the new wave of underground and alternative hip hop acts that emerged during the late 1990s and early 2000s.


Float is the second full-length album, his first major release.







No more pencils no more books
I built the city out one brick
I had a mayor and a crook
I made the crook stab the mayor then slay himself in the guilt
I stole the brick back and migrated east, now let's build

Every tenderfoot cadet better they be slit-throat percentages
Chicken penmanship tied the thirteenth knot (Hangman)
I arrange panoramics of a plastic catalogue
And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring
I'll bring the butterflies and he can bring the centipedes
And she'll bring the cadavers set em' free and let em' feed
The devil tree penciled me in but I slept thick through my alarm sock
Slick Willy hid in the barn while farmer charmed the crops
And I'm a warden
My tongue is full of glass
Because I promised my friend I'd chew up the bottle
If he truly drank the poison
I'm alienating the mating man to the high ride, base tied
Face mine's and make God clones
We can manufacture medicine
Cut into 5-digit slide clock the essentials in (I'll be a bill collector)
My destinies resting with red worms chewin" off the carcass anyway
Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray
By the way if that diamond ring don't shine
That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't neglect the sentiment
I'll pedal my tricycle through the f-5 logistics of a twister
Soaked in the religions of a nit-picker


If I botched the operation I apologize (sorry)
The air's rooted in carbon
I'm but a mortal archer parked in amber waves of starlets
I'm fresh out of Geppeddo's woodwork asylum
Cedar frame, wire-bound knuckles
Let a tug of the puppeteer steer my hustle
Well when a page becomes a squire, re-engage, clap your wings
When a noble's demoted hope it don't sucker-punch the colony
But when the catapult releases lease your claims behind the bunker
And fasten stinger pageant results to the public eye (glory hunter)
Is it genuine enough to feel baby felon
Negotiate comradery of wills
Hows this my little loom
Perv surgeon with dirty dominion monitor boxes
Hovering inches 'bove pertinent urchin toxins
Now y'all ain't excused from table side
Till the dinner plates fly
Slurping' liquid happy citzen enhancer
I got this slicky sycamore head shaker
Mimic stitch and splinter entry
Thereby filtering citizens hit-man prior to acts descending (tight)
Cats know the ambiance calm beyond comparison
Captive, passive spring loaded serenity
I'm trying to give this city acupuncture
Shovin one-way pins in subway systems
Stand up where I'm layin, now that a runway vic (push)
Made you go batty, spreading spawn legitimate
Spice the bishop, sever the ties, splinter the kinship
See every now and again I love life but hate to admit it
Cause it spreads the jinx on a sleeping cynic


I'm quadruple six plus scruples category mayhem stems
So one overlooked the scene including loopholes
When Christ studies the return ramifications
I'll burn the campus to impress him
Then rock like medusa glances
You ran the final mile before the blanks blow
Home alone sippin beetle juice
Just to numb and then shimmy the needles loose
I built a castle out of fifty-two cards
Plus jokers with an image
Modern theory jars us while remaining harnessed to the vintage
I'm mad at how far this is dishonoring Occam's Razor
But it seemed so being fatigued knuckle work (labor)
I've patched the little leakage in the shell around my greed
In case Tommy Turbulence located the matrix then impedes




Tricycle - King Size

Artist: Tricycle

Album: King size (2007)


The record label says: 'Some people call it 'jazz', others say 'world' or 'imaginary'... the choice is up to you. The music of Tricycle is an energetic, comprehensible creation with a visual character. Tricycle addresses itself to a large, curious and adventurous audience. The original compositions of the band, tinted with nostalgia, evoke, in a blithe and subte way, the old stereotypes.

After the release of their first album 'Orange for Tea', at the end of 2004 in Belgium, the band has made a great move forward. With more than 60 concerts over 8 months, they have played in festivals of Jazz, World Music, renowned music halls like 'Le Palais des Beaux Arts' in Brussels... Abroad, they have played on-stage in Brazil, France, Germany, China, Romania and in ' Maisons de culture' (culture houses) in Quebec (March 2006).

The group also received 3 nominations for the prestigious award 'Les octaves de la Musique' (2005 edition) of the council of the music (Communauté française), the Sabam and RTL radio...: nominations for 'Best Jazz Band', 'Spectacle/concert of the season' and 'Artist of the season'.

After several years working in trio, and on the occasion of the release of his second CD, 'Tricycle' takes the liberty to invite three great Jazz and World Music musicians in Belgium: Laurent Blondiau, trumpet, Chris Joris, percussions and Victor da Costa, guitar. This new formula enables them to enrich even more the sound and rhythmic pallet of the trio. 


Jewel - Kiss Your Ass

Artist: Jewel

Song: Kiss Your Ass

A contemporary folkie renowned for her expressive, crystalline voice, singer/songwriter Jewel was among the most successful of the many new female performers who dominated the pop charts throughout the 1990s. Born Jewel Kilcher on May 23, 1974, in Payson, UT, she was raised in remote Homer, AK, and began her music career at the age of six, regularly performing alongside her singer/songwriter parents in local Eskimo villages and tourist attractions. After her parents' divorce, she remained with her father, touring with him for the next seven years.




What time should I pick you up tonight
to make me seem more respectable
What kind of flowers should i bring your mother
to make me seem more delectable

I got no problem with family events
I like lemonade, camping, kids, and tents
I'll do anything you ask
no matter the task
My whole purpose in life
is just to
Kiss your ass

What kind of drugs should I take tonight
to make me seem like I'm introverted
What kind of porn mags should I bring your brother
to make it seem like I'm still perverted

I got no problem with family events
I like lemonade, camping, kids, and tents
I'll do anything you ask
no matter the task
My whole purpose in life
is just to
Kiss your ass

Teach me something I don't know
But I swear I'll be something someday
I strain my ears listnin too hard to what you say

How many times should I cruise your block
on my teensy red tricycle
Screaming your name sweet heart in vain
This love stew has got me in a pickle

I got no problem with family events
I like lemonade, camping, kids, and tents
I'll do anything you ask
no matter the task
You're just the directory baby
I'm the cast
You can be a slut
And I will be chaste
cuz my whole purpose in life
My whole purpose in life
My whole purpose in life
My whole purpose in life
My whole purpose in life
is just to kiss your ass


Primer 55 - Tricycle

Artist: Primer 55

Song: Tricycle

Album: The New Release (2001)


Primer 55  is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky.





There's very little on the second album from Primer 55 to suggest they've learned anything since their derivative debut. It's standard issue nu metal -- soft verses complemented (if that's what it can be called) by aggressive choruses, self-serving hard rock therapy, etc. Plenty of other bands do this stuff a whole lot better and with much more conviction.


I wake up late for school and i run like hell to try and catch the bus
never thought about it but those days ment more than i thought they would.
hanging out late with my friends, having fun like punks will do.
i never thought those days would ever end so soon.
but t ime goes by and all your views on life, they start to change.
when you see the world for what it is, it never looks the same.
you walk around with a chip on your shoulder.
cause everyday you know you're just getting older.

i never thought it would be
it's just a way of life
i never though it would be 
such a petty life

i wake up late for work and i drive like hell
trying to make ends meat.
gotta borrow money cause my baby don't have shit to eat.
staying up late, got two jobs, work my fingers to the bone.
spending more time at those jobs than i ever spend at home.
and i can't help but feel the stress, all my bills keep adding up.
it's days like this, wish i was a kid, because i've had enough.
look in the mirror, see my face getting older
cause everyday i see feel the world getting colder.

i never thought it would be 
it's just a way of life
i never thought it would be 
such a petty life
all of my memories keep coming back again
all mysecurities i'll never have again
wanting so much to be, to be myself again
give it all back to me
i want it back

bring it back
bring it back to me
the innocence i felt
the happiness i felt
no matter what the cost
and everything i've lost

[repeat chorus]

it's how i live my life, so fuck you, 
get the fuck off my back.


Rosie Thomas - Bicycle Tricycle

Artist: Rosie Thomas

Song: Bicycle Tricycle

Album: When Were Small Rosie (2002)


Rosie Thomas is an American singer-songwriter.

…the soundtrack to my dreams will encompass only a few of the songs on When We Were Small, notably "Farewell" and "Bicycle Tricycle," the most sparse and fragile. I like to imagine Rosie alone on stage with a piano, a guitar, and otherwise utter silence.






Bicycle tricycle take me far with
My hands on your handlebars. I can’t
Be homecoming queen for every boy 
That falls in and out of love with me.
I won’t look back
I’ve been here before
I’ve been here before
I’ll turn my back
Whatever it takes to let him go
Flower dress strawberry red
I must confess you’re my safety pin
Hold me together hide me well
So he cannot tell the state that I am in
I won’t look back
I’ve been here before
I’ve been here before
I’ll turn my back
Whatever it takes to let him go
Roller skates figure eights
Roll me away and I won’t complain
I’ll bring my raincoat boots and umbrella
So he can’t ever rain on my parade


Sons Of The Never Wrong - Stylish Deb

Artist: Sons Of The Never Wrong

Song: Stylish Deb

Album: Nuthatch Suite (2005)


Sons of the Never Wrong are a folk trio from chicago made up of Bruce Roper, Deborah Lader, and Sue Demel. The band has been creating original "turbo-charged folk music" for 15 years to a cult-like national following. With their different take on three part harmony on top of witty, whimsical songs, Sons’ style springs from a tradition you’d swear you've heard, but this just ain't your grandpop's folk music.




"Though very, very few and far, far between, it is discs like Nuthatch Suite that quickly exhaust a pundits descriptive dictionary while giving hope to the musically starved. Collectively, this hyper folk trio from Chicago are whimsical and wise folk alchemists, nudging their tradition based songs towards the edges of jazz, bluegrass, classical, oom-pah and lest we forget where it all comes from, gospel. Add all that to a literate lyricism and a vocal choreography that surpasses the usual 3 part harmony entering into jazzy syncopation and 'Nuthatch Suite' is the disc that keeps on giving. No matter how many times you listen, there's something new that catches your consciousness, making you smile, which makes choosing favorite tracks an injustius ... You owe it to yourself to hear this..." Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


A kind of Twin Peaks version of Peter, Paul and Mary, the songs are wacky, original & uplifting, combining exquisite vocal harmonies which spill and spiral all over the place, glorious melodies and...er... unique lyrical perspective


Little children watch them grow

of proud parents on that birth day.

In adolescence it starts to show,

that's why daddy's turning gray.

The tricycle thief that steals

the heart turns the corner on the better part.

You give your best

but they inherit a baby-sitter and an old grandparent.

Hey ho we all know we're in too deep but so it goes.


Napoleon XIV - I'm In Love With My Red Tricycle

Artist: Napoleon XIV

Song: I’m In Love With My Red Tricycle

Album: The Second Coming (1966)


The pseudonym of US songwriter, performer and recording engineer Jerry Samuels, Napoleon XIV burst into the US/UK Top 10 in the summer of 1966 with the bizarre "They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!". Although clearly a novelty song, its subject matter, mental illness (brought on by the loss of the singer's dog), prompted a ban on many American radio stations. An attempted follow-up, "I'm In Love With My Little Red Tricycle" failed to capture the public's imagination and Napoleon's credibility was further dented when it was revealed that the performer undertaking personal appearances to promote the record was not Samuels but a certain Richard Stern. The presence of Napoleon imitator Kim Fowley hardly helped matters. An album based round the hit with lyrics by comedy writer Jim Lehrer was rushed out but in spite of such amusing titles as "Photogenic, Schizophrenic You", "The Nuts In My Family Tree" and "Bats In My Belfry", it failed to sell in vast quantities. Its final track was not even by Napoleon but instead featured the strains of Josephine XV warbling the acerbic "I'm Happy They Took You Away, Ha-Haaa!". In 1990, Napoleon's finest moment was given a fresh airing courtesy of former Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra, whose new group Lard recorded a startling version of the hit.


The LP starts off with innocent little celeste playing a variant of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and nice little bicycle bell FX. Very evocative of childhood...then Napoleon, in a kiddie voice, intones "Thirty days hath Septober/April June and no wonder/All the rest have peanut butter!/All except my dear grandmother./She had a little red tricycle......I stole it! hahahahahaha" and so begins the story of a man, 43, who likes to ride his little red tricycle, getting stern reminders from his peers to act his age; and at the end he confesses "I didn't really steal the tricycle from my grandmother....it followed me home! hahahaha" and the nice celeste and bells fade to a peaceful but insane close.