Sons Of The Never Wrong - Stylish Deb

Artist: Sons Of The Never Wrong

Song: Stylish Deb

Album: Nuthatch Suite (2005)


Sons of the Never Wrong are a folk trio from chicago made up of Bruce Roper, Deborah Lader, and Sue Demel. The band has been creating original "turbo-charged folk music" for 15 years to a cult-like national following. With their different take on three part harmony on top of witty, whimsical songs, Sons’ style springs from a tradition you’d swear you've heard, but this just ain't your grandpop's folk music.




"Though very, very few and far, far between, it is discs like Nuthatch Suite that quickly exhaust a pundits descriptive dictionary while giving hope to the musically starved. Collectively, this hyper folk trio from Chicago are whimsical and wise folk alchemists, nudging their tradition based songs towards the edges of jazz, bluegrass, classical, oom-pah and lest we forget where it all comes from, gospel. Add all that to a literate lyricism and a vocal choreography that surpasses the usual 3 part harmony entering into jazzy syncopation and 'Nuthatch Suite' is the disc that keeps on giving. No matter how many times you listen, there's something new that catches your consciousness, making you smile, which makes choosing favorite tracks an injustius ... You owe it to yourself to hear this..." Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


A kind of Twin Peaks version of Peter, Paul and Mary, the songs are wacky, original & uplifting, combining exquisite vocal harmonies which spill and spiral all over the place, glorious melodies and...er... unique lyrical perspective


Little children watch them grow

of proud parents on that birth day.

In adolescence it starts to show,

that's why daddy's turning gray.

The tricycle thief that steals

the heart turns the corner on the better part.

You give your best

but they inherit a baby-sitter and an old grandparent.

Hey ho we all know we're in too deep but so it goes.

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