Daniel Johnston & His Hyperjinx Tricycle

Artist: Daniel Johnston & His Hyperjinx Tricycle

Album: omonimo (2004)


(…) Daniel Johnston has been recording albums for twenty years, along the way becoming a favorite of Kurt Cobain, Yo La Tengo and Sparklehorse, whose Mark Linkous produced his latest effort, Fear Yourself. But as loved as Johnston is for his music, he is perhaps most famous for his battle with manic depression, which simultaneously fuels his songwriting and threatens to destroy it. 

(…) The iconoclastic Johnston has long been a favorite on the alternative rock scene. His homemade cassettes established Johnston with cult legend status in the Eighties. His colorful artwork also drew fans, most notably Kurt Cobain, who would don a T-shirt featuring the "Hi, How Are You?" frog that Johnston designed twenty years ago.

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