Tiny Lights - Tricycle Song

Artist: Tiny Lights

Song:  Tricycle Song

Album: Milky Juicy (1995)


Tiny Lights , a music group formed by John Hamilton and Donna Croughn in , was one of the most unassuming and probably the most endearing folk-rock combo of the era.

The group's members employed a rich array of instrumentation, including cello, electric violin, soprano saxophone, tabla drums and bass clarinet. Improvisation was a constant feature of their live performances. One critic has memorably described the band as "Sly and the Family Partridge."

The ambitious Milky Juicy (1994), almost a summary of their career's experiments, was basically progressive-rock with a soul. Equally versed in free-form jams and riff-driven rave-ups, the new line-up used its versatility to increase the emotional depth of the music.


(…) Milky Juicy is the band's most adventurous, eclectic record. Comfortable in what it can do but undaunted by what it can't, Tiny Lights rifles through a sample-book's worth of styles, never sticking with one sound two songs in a row. The personality and family feel is never more evident (indeed, by this time Croughn and Hamilton had gotten married) or its sentiments and observations more accessible. Milky Juicy is the sound of a band following its heart. Scott Schinder / Scott Frampton

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