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Boff Whalley said...

Very old song, that – about 1987 or 8 I'd guess. The idea was to try to capture the love, passion, anger, distaste, joy etc of sport, how culturally and historically and politically important it is. Sport. And at the time the whole mountain biking thing was taking off and seemed like a new world opening up. That's why we wrote the song. Some company called a mountain bike 'Chumbawumba', and for a minute back there I thought maybe they'd send us one 'cos mine's in a right state. More of a road cyclist myself, obsessed by the Tour …


The Faction - Skate and Destroy

Artist: The Faction

Song: Skate and Destroy

The Faction was a punk rock band from San Jose, California who were closely linked to the underground skateboarding culture. The band played primarily during the years 1982 to 1985 (…)

Though the lyrics of only two songs in their entire discography dealt explicitly with skating, the Faction was still the pioneering force in this punk rock offshoot. After all, they composed the quintessential skate-rock song, "Skate and Destroy."

Forget the light, skate and destroy
Pass the jogger, skate and destroy
Snap it back, skate and destroy
Kick that bike, skate and destroy
It's not a cause or political belief, it's something in my thinking
If you agree it's cool by me, at least I'm not a robot
I'm not afraid of things I read, I won't divide my friends up
Dictatorship of people's minds is not what I will strive for
The cops are coming after me, their sons are BMXers
They always try to stop me but urethane is faster than boots
You may be in a parking lot throwing up your contents
So what who cares I know I don't
Be a hood, don't be good.


Solex vs. Christina Martinez + Jon Spencer - Amsterdam...

Artist: Solex Vs. Christina Martinez + Jon Spencer

Album: Amsterdam Showdown, King Street Throwdown!

Punk rock royalty Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez have joined forces with Dutch electronic heroine Elisabeth Esselink “Solex” , for the most exciting collaboration/confrontation since The Jetsons meet The Flinstones. Imagine if you will, a fisticuffs of funk, garage and soul between Captain Beefheart and Ike & Tina, with a sprinkling of hip-hop courtesy of Mike Ladd.

The triumvirate have created a sonic dilemma with Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown! Do you listen or do you dance? Whichever, you’ll have your shrink on speed dial as you contemplate whether it mocks Jesus to have this much fun, what with the apocalypse being just around the corner and all.Amsterdam Throwdown, Kingstreet Showdown! kicks off with the sugar-fix that is “Bon Bon”, a dirty, funky bastard of a concoction, complete with strings.

“Galaxy Man” is an outer-space go-go party with Link Wray’s corpse! “Dog Hit” is a tale of irresponsible pet ownership, as if told by sexed-up and AWOL philharmonic orchestra members on MDMA! “Aapie” is a tribute to our ancestry and invites us to unleash our inner monkey! As you can see, there is something for all tastes.

Throughout, Elisabeth Esselink has ingeniously fattened up a rich tapestry of cool, the perfect canvas for Cristina and Jon, who pepper-spray it with personalized lunacy whilst shrugging off the wannabes scrambling for their plinth.To wit: 3 pioneers. Meet them in the street after dark. There’s gonna be a psychedelic genre-bending knife fight. So don’t forget your scuba fins and get ready to dance! You lucky, lucky bastards you.


Catie Curtis - Bicycle Named Heaven

Artist: Catie Curtis

Song: Bicycle Named Heaven

Album: My Shirt Looks Good On You

The Boston music scene has spawned so many great artists, it's hard to keep up, from flat-out rockers like Aerosmith and Morphine to thoughtful folkies such as Patty Griffin and Ellis Paul. That's where Catie Curtis comes in. With her instantly recognizable voice and insightful and often humorous lyrics, Curtis has steadily gained a sure footing among her peers. Curtis first garnered attention as she toured the house concert and coffeehouse circuit (circa the early '90s) to support her independently released disc, From Years to Hours, which followed the cassette-only release of Dandelion in 1989. Her young sound had echoes of Rickie Lee Jones and her songwriting revealed an innocent yet heartfelt poetry that would only get deeper and richer with more life experience. Hear Music took note and put out Truth from Lies in 1995. That offering got Curtis noticed over at EMI/Guardian, who, consequently, re-released the disc in 1996 and its successor, Catie Curtis in 1997. These albums showcased the evolution of the artist and songwriter, as she moved slowly away from her raw folk roots to a slightly more pop sound. The song "Soulfully," from Catie Curtis, was warmly embraced, and found its way to both radio and television with exposure on Dawson's Creek and Chicago Hope. more

I had a bicycle named Heaven
And I painted it blue
When I lived next to you
You'd come around knocking
Every afternoon
Wanted to take it out
Spinning with you

If Heaven only loved me
The way that it loved you
I would had freedom all around me
Like you do

I always want
What I can't have
All I got
Is a photograph of you
And Heaven

I had problems with my chemistry
Problems with distraction
When I lived next to you
You'd come and help me
Help me with my fractions
Show me things that I thought I knew

If Heaven only loved me
The way that it loved you
I would had freedom all around me
Like you do

I always want
What I can't have
All I got is
A couple laughs with you
And Heaven

I remember you every
First day of the spring
With the bicycles in blue
Everybody is out
I can see you riding
Back and forth
Between the sun and the moon

If Heaven only loved me
The way that I loved you
I would had freedom all around me
I would had you

I always want
What I can't have
All I got
Is this photograph of you
And Heaven

You and Heaven


Chainsaw Kittens - Bicycle Head

Artist: Chainsaw Kittens

Song: Bicycle Head

Album: Chainsaw Kittens (1996)

Arguably the best American band who never made it when alternative music suddenly became a huge proposition in the early '90s, the Chainsaw Kittens predated and outlasted that time with its own marvelous, energetic blend of glam-damaged energy, theatrical extremity, and punk rock basics. Fronted by Tyson Meade, former lead singer of Defenestration, the Oklahoma-based group came together in early 1989, shortly thereafter signing to the Mammoth label. Initially partnering on guitar with Mark Metzger but working thereafter with band stalwart Trent Bell, Meade and company released a debut, Violent Religion, to relatively little attention. However, the band built up a steady reputation through touring and appearing with a variety of up-and-coming bands, most notably the Smashing Pumpkins. The Kittens' sophomore release, 1992's Butch Vig-produced Flipped Out in Singapore, helped to heighten the group's profile and fan base further, while a follow-up EP in 1993, Angel on the Range, introduced what would finally be a stable rhythm section for the band, bassist Matt Johnson and drummer Eric Harmon. Mammoth's tie-up with Atlantic gave a boost to what should have been the band's breakthrough, 1994's Pop Heiress. The hoped-for smash didn't materialize, but the group kept on, issuing a self-titled album (also known as Oklahoma Speedway) in 1996 on Scratchie. The Kittens then took an extensive break while its members pursued other musical and personal work before returning in 2000 on 4 Alarm with The All-American. ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide




Vybz Kartel - Bicycle On The Tripple Bounce Riddim

Artist: Vybz Kartel

Song: Bicycle On The Tripple Bounce Riddim

produced by ZJ Chrome

Vybz Kartel (born Adidja Azim Palmer January 7, 1976 in Kingston) is a Jamaican dancehall, artist/singer and businessman. He is officially known as "Addi Di Teacha".

video with bicycle


Sweet Joyce Ann - Bicycle Song

Artist: Sweet Joyce Ann

Song: Bicycle Song

Album: Embryonic (2009)

Sweet Joyce Ann is a dynamic performer who has been singing since childhood. After visiting Washington Square in New York City to hear the folksingers she begged her dad to buy her a guitar. He did, and she learned to play a few chords. At the age of 14 the family moved to California where wrote her first song (“God’s World”) while on retreat in the Cuyamaca mountains. As a teenager she shared her songs at the Candy Company in La Mesa, where a weekly “Hoot Night” was hosted by (soon to become) song writing legend, Jack Tempchin. She also sang at San Diego State's Backdoor, and The Heritage in Mission Beach. She continues to evolve as a singer songwriter and is grateful to all who take the time to listen.

Sweet Joyce Ann live at Lestat's San Diego playing her original song "Bicycle Song"