The Faction - Skate and Destroy

Artist: The Faction

Song: Skate and Destroy

The Faction was a punk rock band from San Jose, California who were closely linked to the underground skateboarding culture. The band played primarily during the years 1982 to 1985 (…)

Though the lyrics of only two songs in their entire discography dealt explicitly with skating, the Faction was still the pioneering force in this punk rock offshoot. After all, they composed the quintessential skate-rock song, "Skate and Destroy."

Forget the light, skate and destroy
Pass the jogger, skate and destroy
Snap it back, skate and destroy
Kick that bike, skate and destroy
It's not a cause or political belief, it's something in my thinking
If you agree it's cool by me, at least I'm not a robot
I'm not afraid of things I read, I won't divide my friends up
Dictatorship of people's minds is not what I will strive for
The cops are coming after me, their sons are BMXers
They always try to stop me but urethane is faster than boots
You may be in a parking lot throwing up your contents
So what who cares I know I don't
Be a hood, don't be good.

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