John McCutcheon - Riding My Bike

Artist: John McCutcheon

Song: Riding My Bike

Album: John McCutcheon Four Season’ Summer Songs (1995)

John McCutcheon (born August 14, 1952) is an American folk music singer and multi-instrumentalist who has produced 34 albums since the 1970s.

Summersongs is the first of John McCutcheon's Four Seasons series of family albums celebrating each season of the year. McCutcheon, whose previous family albums have received awards from the American Library Association and Parents' Choice Magazine, masterfully evokes children's sentiments of summer, from swimming holes, ice cream men and lawn mowers to backyard camping and meteor showers. Adults will be surprised at how easily their own summer memories return. Come spend the summer with John McCutcheon and this uplifting family recording.

**Winner of the 1995 NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) Gold Award
**ALA (American Library Association) Notable Children's Recording
**Grammy nominee for Best Musical Album For Children for 1995

"A terrific collection . . . most of the dozen tunes are irresistibly cheerful."—Booklist

"The first of a planned 'four seasons' series, this John McCutcheon masterpiece just might have you barefoot and mixin' lemonade in the dead of winter. The subject matter of the songs will bring a smile to kids and a memory to adults. . . ." —San Diego Parent Magazine

This looks so easy
But this is so hard
I practiced all summer
Out in my back yard
Mom running before me
Dad right beside
Watching me close
With their arms open wide


Mother, I'm flying
Come catch me, Dad
The most wonderful feeling
That I've ever had
I'm riding, I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm riding
I'm falling, I'm riding my bike

My friends all have fancy ones
Ten, fifteen gears
Mine is a Schwinn
That my Mom's had for years
With its big old fat tires
Its ragged old seat
I think it's the coolest bike
Out on our street


Tricycles, training wheels
Tell them good-bye
We just don't need them,
My old bike and I
Three wheels are too many
One is too few
Now that I'm six
I'll just get by on two


Violet Violet - Bring! Bring!

Artist: Violet Violet

Album: Bring! Bring! The Morn and Bike Till Dawn (EP) (2008)

Violet Violet are shortly due to enter an "indefinite hiatus". This will leave the world of music a much less-interesting place. Their distinct sounds have made a huge impression on their (sadly not-so huge) fanbase. Their recordings have all been released on NR One records, and they have toured extensively.

Cheri Percy - Guitar and VocalsCheri (left) and Fliss (right) - Violet Violet
Fliss Kitson - Drums and Vocals
Kylie Rouse - Bass and backing Vocals (2006 - 2009)

Their PR says "Tasty, barbed musical morsels snatched from the fingers, mouths and hearts of PJ Harvey, Sleater-Kinney and Huggy Bear, heavily seasoned with Violet Violet’s own arty brand of vibrant wit and wisdom. This is gossip rock. It’s edgy, full-on bitching, harmoniously delivered by a feisty trio of sardonic sirens. Tumbling tunes stuffed full of perfect and primal tribal rhythms with buzzsaw bass, gyrating guitars and a dual-pronged lead vocal attack that’s guaranteed to get you singing and bopping along to their infectious DIY dancefloor ditties.
Tune in, take note and listen to their woah-a-oh! You’ll be unable to resist the violet violet range of sound: from infectious disco beats to hard screaming riot grrrl noisiness, each skit telling tales of bad dress sense, nasty nights out and crushing one-liners.
Indeed, their quirky approach has charmed Brummie punk legends/rock mavericks The Nightingales, who have taken the girls under their wings, and whom they have shared tours in Europe and America as well as their native UK. Further national endorsement has come from airplay on Radio 1 and 6 Music, Artrocker Magazine, plus a coveted slot in the NME: surely, with such support already under their well-accessorised belts, these leading ladies of the Norwich music scene are dressed for success. As their image includes a fondness for facial hair, you’d be wise to snip out your own violet violet-styled moustache from your CD cover and become part of the bitchbox, gossip rock, boy/grrrl revolution now"



The Mixtures - The Pushbike Song

Artist: The Mixtures

Song: The Pushbike Song (1971)

This song is by The Mixtures, though it's often mistakenly attributed to Mungo Jerry. That's understandable. The Mixtures first hit it big by covering Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime", and their follow-up, "The Pushbike Song", is reputed to be very Mungo Jerry-esque. Oddly enough, The Mixtures also have a song called "Henry Ford" on the same album as "The Pushbike Song". "The Pushbike Song" made the Top 10 in the U.K. and Australia in 1971, and the lyrics are charming.

Ridin' along on my pushbike, honey.
When I noticed you.
Ridin' downtown in a hurry, honey,
Down South Avenue.

You looked so pretty as you were ridin' along.
You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.

Well, I put on the speed,
And I tried catching up,
But you were pedaling harder too.
Ridin' along like a hurricane, honey,
Spinning out of view.

You looked so pretty as you were ridin' along.
You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.
Sing a song!

A-round, round, wheels goin' round round round.
Down up pedals, down up down.
But I gotta get across to the other side of town,
Before the sun goes down. Hey, hey!

Now we're riding along on the bicycle, honey.
That's a bicycle built for two.
A-lookin' at my honey in the rearview mirror;
Now I got a better view.

You looked so pretty as you were ridin' along.
You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.
Sing a song!

A-round, round, wheels goin' round round round.
Down up pedals, down up down.
But I gotta get across to the other side of town,
Before the sun goes down. Hey, hey


Nancy & Norman Blake - New Bicycle Hornpipe

Artist: Nancy Blake & Norman Blake

Song: New Bicycle Hornpipe

Album: The Norman and Nancy Blake Compact Disc (1985)

Although he is proficient with a variety of stringed instruments, Norman Blake is famous for his acoustic guitar skills -- he was one of the major bluegrass guitarists of the '70s. Blake came into view in the late '60s, when he began performing as a sideman with artists as diverse as June Carter and Bob Dylan. During the '70s, he began a solo career that quickly became one of the most popular and musically adventurous within bluegrass. He continued recording and performing -- occasionally with his wife, Nancy -- well into the '90s. Blake began playing music professionally when he was 16 years old, joining the Dixieland Drifters as a … » Read more

Norman & Nancy Blake Compact Disc combines Norman's Lighthouse on the Shore and Nancy's Grand Junction on one 21-track compact disc, offering neophytes a good introduction the duo's distinctive style of acoustic country and bluegrass.


Tenth Avenue North - The Bike Song

Artist: Tenth Avenue North

Song: The Bike Song

We’ve all heard it said that music is the universal language, and it’s so true. No other vehicle more powerfully captures our collective hopes and fears or more poignantly celebrates our dreams and triumphs. With one listen to the music of Tenth Avenue North, it becomes obvious that songwriter Mike Donehey and his bandmates have a gift for expressing truth in a way that simultaneously educates,

9 in the morning saturday came.
mom's in the kitchen fixing the *same,* and dad got up early to work hard outside.
today was the day he would teach me to ride
i rush to the kitchen to eat up the meal.
dad waltzes in with a smile that was real.
he knew i was watching, he knew i was there,
ready to chase all the birds in the air
traveling faster and racing the wind,
all is alive and the sky has a grin
while it welcomes me right here.
i have no limits and no need to cry.
I'm free like an eagle high in the sky.
what could stop these wings when they fly?
dad takes my hand we walk out the door.
he's ready to show me just how to soar.
he took off the trainers and placed me ontop.
held on the back as he gave me the talk.
i kept on moving and once he let go
i did as he told me, which is all i know.
i went through the tunnel straight to the beach
peddling down the sandy concrete.
traveling faster and racing the wind,
all is alive and the sky has a grin
while it welcomes me right here.
i have no limits and no need to cry.
I'm free like an eagle high in the sky.
what could stop these wings when they fly?
i pay no attention to the road all around.
a rock stops the wheel as i plunge to the ground.
i can't move a muscle and the ride is deformed.
I'm more then just helpless in these clothes that are torn.
but off in the distance a man starts to run
it was my daddy saving his son
and the more that i cried
the more he embraced
so i rode onto his shoulders and flying back home
we raced....
traveling faster and racing the wind,
all is alive and the sky has a grin
while it welcomes me right here.
i have no limits and no need to cry.
I'm free like an eagle high in the sky.
when they fly
when they fly


Vocokesh - Dr. Hoffman's Bicycle Ride

Artist: Vocokesh

Album: Dr. Hoffman’s Bicycle Ride (2010)


Studio Album, released in 2011

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Born Losers (3:27)
2. Texas Asphalt Blues (4:15)
3. The Cruising Song (8:36)
4. Kesh #10 [Improvisation] (11:03)
5. Pretty Acoustic Piece (5:20)
6. The Highway Song (4:53)
7. 1000 Pictures In One Word (5:32)
8. Dr. Hofmann's Bicycle Ride (14:58)

Total Time: 58:04

Line-up / Musicians

- Richard Franecki / guitar, bass, electronics, electric sitar
- John Helwig / guitar, bass
- Rusty / drums, percussion


Lowrider Bicycle - Flyover Statesman

Artist: Lowrider Bicycle

Album: Flyover Statesman (2006)

Dark and austere guitar generated soundscapes, with lush rhythms and trippy atmospheric sounds and some crooked beats.

The latest member of the burgeoning artists' braintrust sixtyonesixtyeight , low rider bicycle is the creation of Matt Knoth, a guitarist, producer and engineer usually associated with traditional american musics (The Mercury Dimes; All Wrecked Up).

Approached by independant documentary filmakers Per Erik Eriksson and Liam Dalzell in 2000, Knoth began creating soundscapes and tracks for Eriksson's many film projects. Flyover Statesman represents the very best of those endeavors.

Part ambient anxiety-scape, part waking hobo-erotic dream, Knoth is joined on flyover statesman by veteran illbient musicians Bob Green (the Grassy Knoll), Peter Beddow (Absorption), Elise Engelberg (The Mercury Dimes) and Dave Revelli (Jewel, Vicious Hippies, the Grassy Knoll).

If you like Lanois or Eno, you'll probably dig this CD.


Christ - Bike

Artist: Christ

Album: Bike

Christ. is a Scottish solo electronic music artist. His music has been notable due to the melancholic nature of his sound and lush soundscapes he uses in them. There is no religious meaning in his name; rather, it is an abbreviation of his real name, Christopher Horne, which also explains the period which is an official part of his handle. Christ. s music is often likened to that of fellow Scottish electronic group Boards of Canada In fact, Horne was an early participant in the nebulous Hexagon Sun collective from which BoC emerged and was a collaborator with the group until approximately 1995, appearing on the Twoism album reissued by Warp in 2002 Horne's departure was amicable and he thanks the duo on his Pylonesque EP issued on the Benbecula Records label in 2001. He followed this release with a full length album Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle on the same label which was very well received within the genre. He has toured the UK Europe and Japan and performed a live session for John Peel at Maida Vale studios in London on 17th December 2003. This session became notable amongst Peel's fans as being the only known occasion upon which the legendary DJ requested an encore. Christ. will release his 4th full length album, his 2nd for Benbecula, on 22nd January 2007 (having been delayed from November 2006 due to manufacture and marketing issues).


The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think...

Artist: The Smiths

Song: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Album: Strangeways Here We Come (1971)

The Smiths “Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” – As a child of the 80s, I must confess I was a big Smiths fan. This video features the band and some pals parading around on bikes in Salford in some form of critical mass ride. Funnily enough some of the haircuts and bikes are now back in fashion in certain parts of East London.

Official promotional video for Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before.

The Smiths' song, written by the usual combination of Morrissey and Johnny Marr, came out on the group's 1987 album Strangeways, Here We Come.

The song was originally supposed to be released as a single and a music video was filmed, featuring scenes of the group-iconic Salford Lads Club and surrounding areas being bicycled through by the lads and friends. Because of a reference to "plan a mass murder" in one lyric it was banned from airplay by the BBC because of the then recent Hungerford massacre, so the band decided not to release it in the UK, however it was released in various other regions including North America, Europe, Australasia and Japan


Paul Sachs - Stolen Bicycles

Artist: Paul Sachs

Song: Stolen Bicycles

Album: The Refuge (2009)

Paul Sachs

Stolen Bicycles
In the summertime it’s 1983
There’s a heat wave in the city
And it’s barrelin’ down upon you and me
Banana seats and handle bars
Riding in between the cars
With you
Sidewalk flying ‘neath our feet
Burning down the NY street
We flew
on our
Stolen Bicycles

Stolen Bicycles
In the rhythm of the public city schools
Where we cut the classes in our jeans
We broke the rules
Yellow sneakers purple hair
It was fun to ride nowhere with you
We didn’t care the damage done it was still a lot of fun
It’s true on our
Stolen Bicycles

Stolen Bicycle in my living room
But I bought it used and cheap
Off some kid on a corner and it’s missing a few spokes
And a seat
I remember I recall
It seemed like we stole them all
We flew
And from my youth of minor crimes
I Still get the urge sometimes
Its true
To ride a Stolen Bicycle
Gonna ride a Stolen Bicycle