John McCutcheon - Riding My Bike

Artist: John McCutcheon

Song: Riding My Bike

Album: John McCutcheon Four Season’ Summer Songs (1995)

John McCutcheon (born August 14, 1952) is an American folk music singer and multi-instrumentalist who has produced 34 albums since the 1970s.

Summersongs is the first of John McCutcheon's Four Seasons series of family albums celebrating each season of the year. McCutcheon, whose previous family albums have received awards from the American Library Association and Parents' Choice Magazine, masterfully evokes children's sentiments of summer, from swimming holes, ice cream men and lawn mowers to backyard camping and meteor showers. Adults will be surprised at how easily their own summer memories return. Come spend the summer with John McCutcheon and this uplifting family recording.

**Winner of the 1995 NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) Gold Award
**ALA (American Library Association) Notable Children's Recording
**Grammy nominee for Best Musical Album For Children for 1995

"A terrific collection . . . most of the dozen tunes are irresistibly cheerful."—Booklist

"The first of a planned 'four seasons' series, this John McCutcheon masterpiece just might have you barefoot and mixin' lemonade in the dead of winter. The subject matter of the songs will bring a smile to kids and a memory to adults. . . ." —San Diego Parent Magazine

This looks so easy
But this is so hard
I practiced all summer
Out in my back yard
Mom running before me
Dad right beside
Watching me close
With their arms open wide


Mother, I'm flying
Come catch me, Dad
The most wonderful feeling
That I've ever had
I'm riding, I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm riding
I'm falling, I'm riding my bike

My friends all have fancy ones
Ten, fifteen gears
Mine is a Schwinn
That my Mom's had for years
With its big old fat tires
Its ragged old seat
I think it's the coolest bike
Out on our street


Tricycles, training wheels
Tell them good-bye
We just don't need them,
My old bike and I
Three wheels are too many
One is too few
Now that I'm six
I'll just get by on two


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