Wade Jacoby - The Bicycle Wreck

Artist: Wade Jacoby

Song: The Bicycle Wreck

Album: The Bicycle Wreck - A Tribute To Jacoby Brothers (2004)

Wade Jacoby is a singer-songwriter of Roots, Americana & Country Music.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Jacoby Brothers (and unless you lived around the San Antonio area back in the early 50's, you probably are not) let me give you a rundown of their accomplishments. Regular guests on KMAC Radio, The Red River Dave TV show, TNT and Columbia recording artists, these two were about as good as it gets.
Beautiful voices, awesome instrumentalists, and just a couple really nice guys. Gene played guitar and Boy played mandolin. Boy was my dad.
This album is a tribute to the Jacoby Brothers, with all new music of most of the material they cut on TNT and Columbia. I hope you will enjoy it!
Sincerly, Wade Jacoby

"The Bicycle Wreck" is beautiful, timeless, classic country, from when country & western was just good music, unaffected by corporate marketing strategies. The Jacoby Brothers are one of the best songwriting and performance duos ever. Unfortunately, their's is a story that time forgot, until now. Wade really brings it home on this CD with great performances, a true tribute to his Dad.

(…) especially the Bicycle Wreck song. We loved to sing that song as kids, and it brings back lots of fun memories, as do the other songs.

I was goin' round a curve doing ninety miles an hour
When the chain on my bicycle broke
I was skinned all over by the rocks and the gravel
And was punctured to death by the spokes

You've heard of accidents with hotrods, motorcycles and airplanes
But the accident I had would take the cake
My foot slipped off the peddle, my toe caught in the chain
Therefore I couldn't even hit the brake

Lead break: Mandolin, fiddle


I'm not braggin I'm not lyin, I'm just layin here a dyin
With these handlesbars sticking down my throat
I've got the front wheel for a necktie, a backwheel for a belt
And I'm wearing the fenders for a coat

Lead Break, fiddle, mandolin

Refrain and out.

Interesting to see some variations on my dad's old tune. The song was a parady of "The Wreck of the Old Ninety Seven".

He and my uncle released this back in the early fifties on the TNT label. It was very popular around here.

I'm Wade Jacoby, son of Boy Jacoby, the author and artist of "The Bicycle Wreck".

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Jerry Baskerville said...

A fun old song! I remember singing it as a kid in Saskatchewan, Canada many moons ago.