Ben Cristophers - Easter Park

Artist: Ben Cristophers

Song: Easter Park

Album: Spoonface (2001)


Sophomore album for Ben Cristophers, UK singer/songwriter. The followup to his 1999 debut 'My Beautiful Demon' with more falsetto folk-electronica. Featuring Faultline's David Kosten again at the production helm, this is a beautifully realized record. Sounding like a cross between Jeff Buckley & early Pink Floyd. Ten tracks including, 'Leaving My Sorrow Behind' & 'Transatlantic Shooting Stars'. Uncut gave it 4 stars saying, '..stunningly combining pin-drop stillness with spooked, unusual arrangements worthy of Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) & a croon cramped in the void between Jeff Buckley & Art Garfunkel...Gorgeous'. 2001.




Racing into town 
Bicycles in line
In your raid 
In your raid I was
Crazy inner feeling flows in here
I'm a child sweet liberty

Heaven knows you thrilled them too
You raid my senses sunny vale

Am I really safe with you
If I dont know you I dont know myself

Heaven knows you thrilled them too
You raid my senses sunny vail

We'll never fade apart
Evergreen and everclear
Welcome in those sunny days
Heavely in Love 
Even if it's getting dark
Pretty one we'll stay home
Heaven knows you thrilled them
You raid my senses

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