Unicycle Loves You - Unycicle Loves You

Artist: Unicycle Loves You

Album: Unicycle Loves You (2008)


When listening to Chicago's Unicycle Loves You's self-titled debut, it's pretty clear that this is the product of a band that's spent a lot of time listening to the best music of every era, picking apart exactly what makes each thing great. Not only do they understand it, but they have the brains and chops to be able recreate that magic, blending/shifting between each of these influences flawlessly, while maintaining a singularly cohesive product.

The list of influences seems endless, but Unicycle Loves You never sounds derivative. Album opener "Great Bargains For Seniors" seems to mix everything from Can to The New Pornographers to Television, and that's just the start. Over the course of 10 songs, the band generates an eclectic contemporary history of pop rock as intelligent and catchy as anything any of those influences have ever created. (JL -NY Press)

Mix virtually every successful movement of the last sixty years and see what happens, resulting in ten lively, unpredictable tracks that flow without warning from Belle & Sebastian quirk-rock to late-1970s butt-rock to bluesy psych-rock back to Beach Boys pop.


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