Scissor Sisters - Bicycling With The Devil

Artist: Scissor Sisters

Song: Bicycling With The Devil

Album: unreleased

“Bicycling With The Devil”: an early track recorded by the band before their eponymous debut which were never official released.

So, it's 2001. Who wouldn't want to form an electro band and name themselves after a lesbian sex position? Well, if you happen to be go-go dancer, stripper and all-out attention seeker Jason Sellards and multi-instrumentalist Scott Hoffman you'll not only do that, but you'll immediately rename yourselves Jake Shears and Babydaddy. Add one Ana Lynch, wittily re-titled Ana Matronic, and you're all set, particularly since Ms Matronic hosted her own cabaret show at a Lower East Side New York club. It's not just who you know, it's where you work: The Slipper Room was the band's first gig. History doesn't seem to record how well Dead Lesbian et al went down, but tracks from the Dead Lesbian era are undeniably weird, and far more electronic than their current output. Take Bicycling With The Devil, an almost electroclash mish-mash with truly bizarre lyrics. "I see you dancing, damn you look good. I wish I could dance like you but I ain't got no legs.' is the more sensible part of the song, rapidly giving way to 'I see you defecating, damn you look good. I wish I could take a shit too, but I ain't got no anus.' Quite how riding the bicycle of the devil into hell helps with this isn't really made clear, alas.

I see you dancing, damn you look good!
I wish I could dance like you but I aint got no legs.

I see you having sex, damn you look good!
I wish I could have sex too, but I aint got no sexual organs.

I see you defficating, damn you look good!
I wish I could take a shit too, but I aint got no anus.

I rode the bicycle of the devil
Driving straight to hell
The bicycle of the devil will take you straight to hell.

I see you talking, damn you look good!
I wish I could speak to you but I aint got your love.

I see you flying, damn you look good!
I wish I could fly like you but I aint got the drugs.

I see you riding on a bicycle straight to hell
I wish I could ride with you because you and me and the devil make two.

I rode the bicycle of the devil
Driving straight to hell
The bicycle of the devil will take you straight to hell.

I see you dancing, damn you look good.
I wish I could dance like that, but I can't.. cos I have no legs.

I see you fucking, damn you look good.
I wish I could fuck like that, but I can't.. cos I have no penis.

I see you shitting, damn you look good.
I wish I could shit like that, but I can't..
cos I have no butthole.


The Style Council - Our Favourite hop

Artist: The Style Council

Album: Our Favourite Shop (1985)

Where is the bike-link in this lp? Inside the cover, where Mick Talbot’s “Raleigh-Campagnolo” shirt stands out .



The Style Council - My Ever Changing Mood

Artist: The Style Council

Song: My Ever Changing Mood

Album: Café Bleu (1984)

a funny video! serve a mountain bike at those two guys... The Style Council' passion for cycling will be represented even in the near post


Style Council's first proper album Cafe Bleu was one of their better efforts, but it indicated the group's fatal flaw -- a tendency to be too eclectic and overambitious. Amidst the lazy jazz instrumentals, many of them courtesy of Mick Talbot, Paul Weller inserted several solid soul-tinged pop songs, including "My Ever Changing Moods," "Headstart for Happiness," "You're the Best Thing," and "Here's One That Got Away." However, that doesn't excuse the rap experiment, "A Gospel." The album was later released with a slightly different running order as My Ever Changing Moods in the U.S..(Allmusic)

“Paul Weller doing what he wanted to do and not what everyone else wanted. Great Rickenbacker. Great song.”

Daylight turns to moonlight - and I’m at my best
Praising the way it all works - gazing upon the rest
The cool before the warm
The calm after the storm
I wish to stay forever - letting this be my food
But Im caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods
Bitter turns to sugar - some call a passive tune
But the day things turn sweet - for me wont be too soon
The hush before the silence
The winds after the blast
I wish wed move together - this time the bosses sued
But were caught up in the wilderness and an ever changing mood
Teardrops turn to children - whove never had the time
To commit the sins they pay for through - anothers evil mind
The love after the hate
The love we leave too late
I wish wed wake up one day - an everyone feel moved
But were caught up in the dailies and an ever changing mood

Evil turns to statues - and masses form a line
But I know which way Id run to if the choice was mine
The past is knowledge - the present our mistake
And the future we always leave too late
I wish wed come to our senses and see there is no truth
In those who promote the confusion for this ever changing mood


Joan Baez - Where Are You, My Son?

Artist: Joan Baez

Song: Where Are You Now, My Son?

Album: Where Are You Now, My Son? (1973)

Where Are You Now, My Son? was an album Joan Baez released in early 1973. One side of the album featured a 21 minutes and forty-two seconds song recordings Baez made during a US bombing raid on Hanoi over Christmas 1972. In the days of vinyl, it took up an entire side of the record. Included on the recording were the voices of Barry Romo, Michael Allen, and human rights attorney Telford Taylor, with whom Baez made her famous 1972 visit to North Vietnam. Jump to: navigation, search ImageMetadata File history File links JoanSon. ...
From the album's liner notes: "...The war in Indochina is not yet over, and the war against violence has barely begun...." - Joan Baez

Something about this song



It's walking to the battleground that always makes me cry
I've met so few folks in my time who weren't afraid to die
But dawn bleeds with the people here and morning skies are red
As young girls load up bicycles with flowers for the dead

An aging woman picks along the craters and the rubble
A piece of cloth, a bit of shoe, a whole lifetime of trouble
A sobbing chant comes from her throat and splits the morning air
The single son she had last night is buried under her

They say that the war is done
Where are you now, my son?

An old man with unsteady gait and beard of ancient white
Bent to the ground with arms outstretched faltering in his plight
I took his hand to steady him, he stood and did not turn
But smiled and wept and bowed and mumbled softly, "Danke shoen"

The children on the roadsides of the villages and towns
Would stand around us laughing as we stood like giant clowns
The mourning bands told whom they'd lost by last night's phantom messenger
And they spoke their only words in English, "Johnson, Nixon, Kissinger"

Now that the war's being won
Where are you now, my son?

The siren gives a running break to those who live in town
Take the children and the blankets to the concrete underground
Sometimes we'd sing and joke and paint bright pictures on the wall
And wonder if we would die well and if we'd loved at all

The helmetless defiant ones sit on the curb and stare
At tracers flashing through the sky and planes bursting in air
But way out in the villages no warning comes before a blast
That means a sleeping child will never make it to the door

The days of our youth were fun
Where are you now, my son?

From the distant cabins in the sky where no man hears the sound
Of death on earth from his own bombs, six pilots were shot down
Next day six hulking bandaged men were dazzled by a room
Of newsmen. Sally keep the faith, let's hope this war ends soon

In a damaged prison camp where they no longer had command
They shook their heads, what irony, we thought peace was at hand
The preacher read a Christmas prayer and the men kneeled on the ground
Then sheepishly asked me to sing "They Drove Old Dixie Down"

Yours was the righteous gun
Where are you now, my son?

We gathered in the lobby celebrating Chrismas Eve
The French, the Poles, the Indians, Cubans and Vietnamese
The tiny tree our host had fixed sweetened familiar psalms
But the most sacred of Christmas prayers was shattered by the bombs

So back into the shelter where two lovely women rose
And with a brilliance and a fierceness and a gentleness which froze
The rest of us to silence as their voices soared with joy
Outshining every bomb that fell that night upon Hanoi

With bravery we have sun
But where are you now, my son?

Oh people of the shelters what a gift you've given me
To smile at me and quietly let me share your agony
And I can only bow in utter humbleness and ask
Forgiveness and forgiveness for the things we've brought to pass

The black pyjama'd culture that we tried to kill with pellet holes
And rows of tiny coffins we've paid for with our souls
Have built a spirit seldom seen in women and in men
And the white flower of Bac Mai will surely blossom once again

I've heard that the war is done
Then where are you now, my son?


Neil Young - It's A Dream

Artist: Neil Young

Song: It’s A Dream

Album: Prairie Wind (2004)

This is the only song in which Neil Young mentions a bicycle. "It's a dream", with tasteful string arrangements, is sweet, ethereal and emotionally charged




In the morning when I wake up
and listen to the sound
Of the birds outside on the roof
I try to ignore what the paper says
And I try not to read all the news
And I'll hold you if you had a bad dream
And I hope it never comes true
'Cause you and I been through
so many things together
And the sun starts climbing the roof

It's a dream
Only a dream
And it's fading now
Fading away
It's only a dream
Just a memory without anywhere to stay

The Red River stills flows
through my home town
Rollin' and tumblin' on its way
Swirling around the old bridge pylons
Where a boy fishes the morning away
His bicycle leans on an oak tree
While the cars rumble over his head
An aeroplane leaves a trail
in an empty blue sky
And the young birds call out to be fed

It's a dream
Only a dream
And it's fading now
Fading away
It's only a dream
Just a memory without anywhere to stay

An old man walks along on the sidewalk
Sunglasses and an old Stetson hat
The four winds blow the back
of his overcoat away
As he stops with the policeman to chat
And a train rolls out of the station
That was really somethin' in its day
Picking up speed on the
straight prairie rails
As it carries the passengers away

It's gone
Only a dream
And it's fading now
Fading away
Only a dream
Just a memory without anywhere to stay

It's a dream
Only a dream
And it's fading now
Fading away
It's only a dream
Just a memory without anywhere to stay

It's a dream
Only a dream
And it's fading now
Fading away


TV On The Radio - Bicycle Are Red Hot

Artist: Tv On The Radio

Song: Bicycle Are Red Hot

Album: OK Calculator (2002)

"A lot of bands have something to say," explains TV On The Radio producer/multi-instrumentalist David Sitek. "We have something to ask."

Indeed. Good luck finding easy answers in TVOTR's ever-evolving soundscapes, though, whether we're talking about their new disc, Dear Science (DGC/Interscope) or the band's early days. When guitarist/vocalist Kyp Malone joined, he didn't even get what Sitek and vocalist Tunde Adebimpe were going for on their self-released 2002 debut, OK Calculator (the title being a reference to Radiohead's album OK Computer).

"Aspects of OK Calculator are genius," says Malone, "but it isn't as laser-focused as Young Liars." Neither were Adebimpe and Sitek's early live sets, boundless and brash bits of performance art that Malone remembers as "an open mic/karaoke night gone awry. I could hear songs peeking through it all but it wasn't really my thing."


no lyrics found…


Têtes de Bois - La Canzone Del Ciclista

Artist: Têtes De Bois

Song: La Canzone Del Ciclista

Album: Pace e Male (2004)

Song dedicated to Fabio Casartelli, who died at the Tour de France in 1995.

Têtes de Bois in his CD "Peace and Evil" has affected the "Song of the cyclist."
This band is not new to musical performances in cycling, directed by 1997 "Stradarolo", an International Festival of Music Dance Theater Art Road, with hundreds of artists from all over Europe. He devoted an edition to the request to transform a disused railway in cycling (the ex-Roma Fiuggi, then actually built.
For "The Song of the cyclist" had guests in the studio recording Gianni Mura and Davide Cassani.


Tetes de Bois at the Tour

1 -

2 -

Tetes de Bois: when cycling is music

The Diary of The Tour de France


E penso a te che sei in cima alla salita

E già respiri la libertà

Della discesa

E io che ho fatto la tua stessa fatica

Arriverò tra un'ora

Con la tua gomma bucata

A mio padre dirò

Che l'ho fatto per onore

Alla mia donna dirò

Che l'ho fatto per dovere

Alla radio, alla tv,

che l'ho fatto per la squadra

Alla mia bici dirò

che l'ho fatto per amore

E penso a te che sei in cima alla salita

E già respiri la libertà

Della discesa

Correvamo verso il fiume

Con l'aria nei polmoni

E sotto due maglioni

Il cuore di in bambino

Sprintavamo come pazzi

Sulle strisce pedonali

Volate sull'asfalto

Con le ruote con le ali

Ho accompagnato il padre di un mio amico

Alla curva


Ci è voluto andare in bici


Mi ha abbracciato dalla sella

Piangevo, piangeva

Poi mi ha detto, stretto al petto


Continua, continua

E penso a te che sei in cima alla salita

E già respiri la libertà

Della discesa

E io che ho fatto la tua stessa fatica

Arriverò tra un'ora

A festa già finita.


Saloon - Bicycle Thieves

Artist: Saloon

Song: Bicycle Thieves

Album: (This Is) What We Call Progress (2002)

A pretty song from the debut album by a Reading, England five piece pop band.

There's substance beyond the cheery melodies in their world, though. "Bicycle Thieves" is a slice of fragile introspection drifting through the intricate pulse of the bass and guitar (Pitchfork).

Their music is the traditional sound of guitars, strings and softly sung vocals meeting electronic beeps and whistles of Moogs, stylophones and Theremins head on. “(This Is) What We Call Progress” is record of profound beauty sounding akin to early Stereolab, very early early New Order and Mahogany. It was recorded in Leeds and mixed by Andrew Mahogany in New York at Andrew’s Simultaneous Workshop.

Unfortunately I can't really make out any of the lyrics.





"A seductively breezy guitar lead pop gem of sorts and one of those once in a while feel good records that trips into your life.” – Losing Today.

"Saloon continue to get better. Their Snow is a bewitching pop fantasy of dreamy vocals and keyboards kept in place by a darkly romantic Krautrock riff" – NME.

"A blinder… throbbing guitar riffs, menacing violins via John Cale and stabbing moog symphonies build up to a captivating unit that takes a delicious hold of your senses." – NME.

Kippington Lodge - Lady On A Bicycle

Artist: Kippington Lodge

Song: Lady On A Bicycle

Single: Shy Boy – Lady On A Bicycle (1967)

Album: VV.AA., The Original Psychedelic Album,

or: Brinsley Schwarz, Hen's Teeth


Kippington Lodge was an English beat-band: from 1965 to 1969 he published five 45” for EMI, there were the future components of the rock band Brinsley Schwarz, author of several discs anticipating the pub rock sound that rages in England in the'70s.

About the single Shy Boy / Lady On A Bicyle : EMI has high hopes of this new group, and with some justification. Relating a charming story-in-song, about the slow and embarrassed getting together of a boy and girl, it's very true to life - and will have a self-indentification to many youngsters. Set to a easy-paced Good-Time rhythm, and pleasantly sung. Produced and arranged by the "Teenage Opera" man, Mark Wirtz. Could happen! Lady On A Bicycle: Another good story line in this lyric. The verses are soloed, with falsetto harmonies in the chorus. The rhythm is a sort of beat-waltz. Fun!

Hen's Teeth is a bit of a godsend for longtime Brinsley Schwarz collectors, gathering all of the group's non-LP singles -- including the first singles released when the band was a Swinging London pop combo called Kippington Lodge -- plus singles the group released under aliases
Who can help me find the lyrics?


Charlotte Julian - La Bicyclette

Artist: Charlotte Julian

Song: La Bicyclette

Single: La Biciclette - Zoubida (1978)

Charlotte Julian is a Chanteuse and Actrice French.

Other songs in French (French artists)

  • 60 millions de Poulidor : Kent
  • A bicyclette : Bourvil
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  • Agostinho : Dick Annegarn
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  • Jeannie Longo : Katerine
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  • Le vélo de Pablo : Le clan Lakassagne
  • Les vélos d’Amsterdam : Vincent Baguian
  • Le vélo en chanson : 1927-1950 (Radio France) (Album)

En chaussettes écossaises
Sur mon petit vélo
J'ai l'air d'aller aux fraises
Mais je vais au boulot
Puisqu'on dit qu'on manque d'énergie
Qu'il faut faire des économies
Je ne prends plus mon auto
Je prends mon vélo c'est plus beau

[refrain :]
La ville à bicyclette
C'est bon c'est bon pour la santé
La ville à bicyclette
C'est bon c'est bon pour les mollets
Baissez, baissez la tête
Et vous aurez l'air d'un coureur
La ville à bicyclette
C'est bon c'est bon pour le bonheur

Quand finit la semaine
Je pars sur mon petit vélo
Chercher de l'oxygène
Des fleurs et des escargots

En passant devant le pompiste
Qui me regarde d'un air tout triste
Je lui dis bonjour chez vous
Mon carburant c'est mes genoux


L'autre jour sur la route, pédalant tranquillement
Je me fais dépasser par le fils du maréchal-ferrant
Il me dit de son air rieur salut t'as de belles gambettes
Arrête toi près du champ et je vais te compter fleurette


Descendents - Bikeage

Artist: Descendents

Song: Bikeage

Album: Milo Goes to College (1990)

A really fun song: the chorus are so elementary to call to mind the Ramones most minimal, but the songs is dramatic.

The band enjoyed putting the suffix "-age" at the end of things, as seen on the tracks "Myage", "Tonyage" and "Bikeage" (as well as, coincidentally, "Marriage"). This is also proven by the title of their live album, "Liveage". This, as well as the band's affiliation and appeal with and to nerdage, have linked the Descendents to the common addition of the suffix "-age" in Leet.




Running out of time again
Where did you go wrong this time?
When your problems overwhelm you
Go get drunk it's party time
Take a quaalude, relax your mind
Relax your body tool
Run from problems but
You'll never get away
No one loves you, and you
Wonder why?
Sitting there with your
Mouth full of beer
Your eyes are glazed, your face is red
Who's gonna pick you up
and use you for tonight?
And when you're on the streets
With a needle in your arm
Selling your body for another fix
Who's gonna pick you up and take
You home with them tonight? Not me!
Running out of breath again you're an
Old maid, but you're only 15
You're losing your little girl's charm
Cry all night but you'll never get it back
Don't be afraid, it's not too late
Save yourself, I need you here
Wearing off, wearing out
I can't think about this cause it
makes me sick


Son Volt - Bicycle Song

Artist: Son Volt

Song: Bicycle Hotel

Album: The Search (Deluxe version, 2007)

In addition to the regular compact disc release, a vinyl version and an iTunes version of the album were also released featuring all 22 tracks from the recording sessions. The vinyl version features exclusive cover art and is titled "On Chant and Strum."

“Bicycle Hotel” is another immediate classic, just pure chills...



Stuck in a hotel in Amsterdam
It's about sundown for you
Your sleep doesn't happen easy
Choice words for the pay phone that doesn't work

You buy up some cocaine and heroin
But you can't call home
Find sleep where you can
Situations to laugh about when it's over
It's a long way from over

Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world

Hold up in the city of Hamburg
Looking for signs of Liverpool
Turn around an' we will bow

Work in Dublin, run together, caffeine fueled dreams
Scottish ladies on the parade
Walk along the [Incomprehensible], the familiar empty streets
I know who you are, used to know who you are

Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world

Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world
Thinking of you around the world


Art Sulger - 12 String Cycle

Artist: Art Sulger

Album: 12 String Cycle

Art Sulger, a 12-string guitar instrumentalist, cycles through all the keys in 12 sparkling compositions.

He’s an american guitarist, plays 14 lively instrumentals on the 12-string guitar, hitting all the right notes as he spans styles ranging from Bach Lute transcriptions, through classic American Folk, and on to his own contemporary compositions.




Tangerine Dream - Bicycle Race

Artist: Tangerine Dream
Song: Bicycle Race

Album: Bicycle Race (bootleg, live 1990)

Unofficial live album, recorded at Colston Hall in Bristol, 1990, 6th of november, and printed in red, yellow and blue marbled vinyl! Also exist: “Realm of Nightmares - Pharao's Garden”, edited on 2CD in 1992: it’s the same concert with other track in addition (In The Garden Pharao’s suite). Bicycle Race consists in five parts:

Sequence I (Melrose) (8:47)

Sequence II (The Back Of Beyond) (7:59)
Sequence III (Three Bikes In The Sky) (5:28)

Sequence IV (Atlas Eyes) (4:05)

Sequence V (Gaudi Park) (6:22)


For Three Bikes in the sky see also...


Ry Cooder - Nice Bike

Artist: Ry Cooder

Song: Nice Bike

Album: Blue City (soundtrack, 1986)



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