Kippington Lodge - Lady On A Bicycle

Artist: Kippington Lodge

Song: Lady On A Bicycle

Single: Shy Boy – Lady On A Bicycle (1967)

Album: VV.AA., The Original Psychedelic Album,

or: Brinsley Schwarz, Hen's Teeth


Kippington Lodge was an English beat-band: from 1965 to 1969 he published five 45” for EMI, there were the future components of the rock band Brinsley Schwarz, author of several discs anticipating the pub rock sound that rages in England in the'70s.

About the single Shy Boy / Lady On A Bicyle : EMI has high hopes of this new group, and with some justification. Relating a charming story-in-song, about the slow and embarrassed getting together of a boy and girl, it's very true to life - and will have a self-indentification to many youngsters. Set to a easy-paced Good-Time rhythm, and pleasantly sung. Produced and arranged by the "Teenage Opera" man, Mark Wirtz. Could happen! Lady On A Bicycle: Another good story line in this lyric. The verses are soloed, with falsetto harmonies in the chorus. The rhythm is a sort of beat-waltz. Fun!

Hen's Teeth is a bit of a godsend for longtime Brinsley Schwarz collectors, gathering all of the group's non-LP singles -- including the first singles released when the band was a Swinging London pop combo called Kippington Lodge -- plus singles the group released under aliases
Who can help me find the lyrics?

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