Tangerine Dream - Bicycle Race

Artist: Tangerine Dream
Song: Bicycle Race

Album: Bicycle Race (bootleg, live 1990)

Unofficial live album, recorded at Colston Hall in Bristol, 1990, 6th of november, and printed in red, yellow and blue marbled vinyl! Also exist: “Realm of Nightmares - Pharao's Garden”, edited on 2CD in 1992: it’s the same concert with other track in addition (In The Garden Pharao’s suite). Bicycle Race consists in five parts:

Sequence I (Melrose) (8:47)

Sequence II (The Back Of Beyond) (7:59)
Sequence III (Three Bikes In The Sky) (5:28)

Sequence IV (Atlas Eyes) (4:05)

Sequence V (Gaudi Park) (6:22)


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