Rusty Belle - Rusty Belle

Artist: Rusty Belle

Album: Rusty Belle (2007)


about influence… many and varied "...One of the more interesting bands to come into my periphery in a while... They're a little bit country, a little bit rock'n'roll, a little bit old-timey and a whole lotta weird. But in a good way. This quartet mashes genres as if they were tasty little sonic potatoes. " - Dan Bolles Seven Days Burlington, VT 2-13-08


Rusty Belle’sound is… a convergence of several styles. Not a knew genre, but a fresh approach. Whatever the flavor we decide to mix up, we try to keep it honest. . . . . We 're dirty kids with badminton guitars making a backyard hootinanny. We're the front yard lemonade stand in deep summer. a middle yard secret meeting in the clubhouse under the rhododendrons with cookpot helmets and broomstick getaways. looks like just the mess you'd want to stumble upon in an attic. smells like a funky cheese, tastes like a funky cheese. feels like a woozy waltz or a stompy spin.

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