Uncle Eck Dunford - My First Bicycle Ride

Artist: Uncle Eck Dunford

Song: My First Bicycle Ride


Uncle Eck Dunford, born in 1878 in Caroll County, West Virginia, was an old-time musician, singer and comedian as well as an eccentric character. During the 1920’s, he played mostly with Ernest Stoneman’s band on fiddle or guitar but also recorded a few sides by himself as lead singer. Later,in the 1930’s he played with members of the Ward family in a band called ”The Bogtrotters”. 

Apparently, Uncle Eck is best remembered for his archaic voice and eccentric personnality than for his playing on fiddle or guitar. From the few 78rpm records that went out under his name, two features him telling comic stories over Ernest Stoneman’s banjo playing.



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