Mudhoney - Sissy Bar

Artist: Mudhoney

Song: Sissy Bar

Album: My Brother The Cow (1996)

Mudhoney didn't invent grunge, but they were one of the first bands to truly define the style, and thanks to the bizarro-world logic that has defined their career, they seemed to loose interest in the stuff once you could actually make serious money playing it, ensuring that they wouldn't have to deal with the mainstream adulation that made followers like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden into multi-platinum cash cows. By 1995, grunge's brief fling on the charts was pretty much over … just in time for Mudhoney to decide they liked the stuff again, and make the finest album of their career, My Brother the Cow. On My Brother the Cow, Mudhoney finally found a noisy middle ground where their fondness for Billy Childish and Blue Cheer could peacefully coexist, and the songs are less sludgy and more driving than their early classics, but with enough cheap stomp-box thunder to remind you of who's playing


Reprise re-issued the album in 2003 with bonus tracks; between these Sissy Bar, originally included in a 7” attached at the original vinyl copy.




That's a nice looking bicycle seat
Can I smell it?
That sure is good
That's pretty nice
Is that?
Is that?

Just watch, sweety pie
Can I fix your forks?
You're wheels are un-trued

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