Tuna Helpers - Bicycle

Artist: The Tuna Helpers

Song: Bicycle

Album: Starring in… The Suspicious Fish (2002)


The Tuna Helpers are the queens of performance art in Austin, combining props, sign language and twisted childhood fantasies in a way that is both touching and hilarious. Adrienne's voice is probably the most fetching aspect of the band, but the lovely harmonizing keyboard melodies provided by Bethany, Stacy's eerie violin work, and Khattie's sparse and simple rhythms provide a truly original sound and live performance.  (…) In their world, it's all bicycles, dolls, and shit-smeared doors. The only thing missing on the album is Bethany's sign language. CD Review By Vanity Girl of Citizen Snob


"Bicycle" is a bucolic, Sunday-go-to-meeting waltz that barely conceals the underlying prurience…





windy road
Down to the church house
Singing hymns
"he is all that is
smooth and unpainted"
"are you smooth are you
painted today?"
no, she's opened her blouse
to the mail man and his letters
send him off first class
he's a paper doll
but who'll sing the lullabies
who'll bake the dreams
in her apple pie?
she's our friend
you take her home now
tuck her in close her eyes
turn on the sugarplums
I'll sing the lullaby
I'll bake the prayers
in her book of light
don't ask for me
I'll send her my love
through a rosary
still stringing beads
and counting prayers and wishes
until she sees me


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