Lowrider Bicycle - Flyover Statesman

Artist: Lowrider Bicycle

Album: Flyover Statesman (2006)

Dark and austere guitar generated soundscapes, with lush rhythms and trippy atmospheric sounds and some crooked beats.

The latest member of the burgeoning artists' braintrust sixtyonesixtyeight , low rider bicycle is the creation of Matt Knoth, a guitarist, producer and engineer usually associated with traditional american musics (The Mercury Dimes; All Wrecked Up).

Approached by independant documentary filmakers Per Erik Eriksson and Liam Dalzell in 2000, Knoth began creating soundscapes and tracks for Eriksson's many film projects. Flyover Statesman represents the very best of those endeavors.

Part ambient anxiety-scape, part waking hobo-erotic dream, Knoth is joined on flyover statesman by veteran illbient musicians Bob Green (the Grassy Knoll), Peter Beddow (Absorption), Elise Engelberg (The Mercury Dimes) and Dave Revelli (Jewel, Vicious Hippies, the Grassy Knoll).

If you like Lanois or Eno, you'll probably dig this CD.

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