Paul Sachs - Stolen Bicycles

Artist: Paul Sachs

Song: Stolen Bicycles

Album: The Refuge (2009)

Paul Sachs

Stolen Bicycles
In the summertime it’s 1983
There’s a heat wave in the city
And it’s barrelin’ down upon you and me
Banana seats and handle bars
Riding in between the cars
With you
Sidewalk flying ‘neath our feet
Burning down the NY street
We flew
on our
Stolen Bicycles

Stolen Bicycles
In the rhythm of the public city schools
Where we cut the classes in our jeans
We broke the rules
Yellow sneakers purple hair
It was fun to ride nowhere with you
We didn’t care the damage done it was still a lot of fun
It’s true on our
Stolen Bicycles

Stolen Bicycle in my living room
But I bought it used and cheap
Off some kid on a corner and it’s missing a few spokes
And a seat
I remember I recall
It seemed like we stole them all
We flew
And from my youth of minor crimes
I Still get the urge sometimes
Its true
To ride a Stolen Bicycle
Gonna ride a Stolen Bicycle

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