Primer 55 - Tricycle

Artist: Primer 55

Song: Tricycle

Album: The New Release (2001)


Primer 55  is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky.





There's very little on the second album from Primer 55 to suggest they've learned anything since their derivative debut. It's standard issue nu metal -- soft verses complemented (if that's what it can be called) by aggressive choruses, self-serving hard rock therapy, etc. Plenty of other bands do this stuff a whole lot better and with much more conviction.


I wake up late for school and i run like hell to try and catch the bus
never thought about it but those days ment more than i thought they would.
hanging out late with my friends, having fun like punks will do.
i never thought those days would ever end so soon.
but t ime goes by and all your views on life, they start to change.
when you see the world for what it is, it never looks the same.
you walk around with a chip on your shoulder.
cause everyday you know you're just getting older.

i never thought it would be
it's just a way of life
i never though it would be 
such a petty life

i wake up late for work and i drive like hell
trying to make ends meat.
gotta borrow money cause my baby don't have shit to eat.
staying up late, got two jobs, work my fingers to the bone.
spending more time at those jobs than i ever spend at home.
and i can't help but feel the stress, all my bills keep adding up.
it's days like this, wish i was a kid, because i've had enough.
look in the mirror, see my face getting older
cause everyday i see feel the world getting colder.

i never thought it would be 
it's just a way of life
i never thought it would be 
such a petty life
all of my memories keep coming back again
all mysecurities i'll never have again
wanting so much to be, to be myself again
give it all back to me
i want it back

bring it back
bring it back to me
the innocence i felt
the happiness i felt
no matter what the cost
and everything i've lost

[repeat chorus]

it's how i live my life, so fuck you, 
get the fuck off my back.

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