Psapp - Tricycle

Artist: Psapp

Song: Tricycle

Album: The Only Thing I Ever Wanted (2006)


The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is the second album by Psapp. The album reached the UK Top 75 and the US Billboard 200 Albums, selling in excess of 800,000 copies in total.

"Tricycle" was the first single from the album to be released in Europe.

This London-based duo's formula of addictive melodies, electronic frolics, and found sounds have put them on the musical map. Silly noises married to sultry vocals and perspicacious lyrics produce recordings of shimmering originality and nascent charm. "The problem with a lot of electronic music is that it either takes itself too seriously or not seriously enough. Psapp offers the perfect solution: do both...knick-knacky sound effects, plucky violin, and whizzing bleeps over warm, elastic beats for a euphoric sound that's like a toy closet come to life" - SF Weekly.


…the exceedingly British female vox, eclectic percussion and random noisemakers (including what seems to be a rubber duckie on Tricycle) that are Psapp's staple are all still on display, never fear…





You know and I know 
How we work and how we hope 
We get all tied up 

You made some magic 
You didn?t even try 
Fell out of your eye 
And I did to 

You canda tennon one hand today 
My fingers get in the way 
I get all tied up 

You know and I know 
How we work and how we hope 
We get all tied up 

I drag my feet and drag your style 
Don?t want me around 
Tie you up


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