Pfilbryte - Bicycle

Artist: Pfilbryte

Song: Bicycle

Album: Preservatives Affirmative ! (2005)


One thing that is certain about Pfilbryte is - how the hell do you classify his music? This makes my job all the more difficult, but makes it much more interesting for you the listener. 
The overall feel of the album is very retro, songs like 'And Nothin' and 'Suburbancooltriphopmixofpop' are laced with Beatles sounding harmonies but at the same time ride along on a funky bass line. But then out of nowhere pops the rap/rock fusion of 'I Like Beer' with its rather addictive chorus chant and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. 
Elsewhere, songs like the title track 'Preservative Affirmative' ooze soul; 'I Know' is just an honest pop love song reminding of Prince; and 'King Cole' is back to hard rock again, sounding like Aerosmith in places. 
What's pleasing to hear is the attention to detail on every track, it's worth just putting the headphones on and surrounding yourself in the array of instruments, each playing their own small part in the big picture. 
There's some nice guitar work throughout, electric and acoustic; imparticular the track 'Believe Me' has some excellent lead guitar parts. 
The versatile sound of Pfilbright, although I hate to say it, could also be his own worst enemy. On one hand this is pop, but on the other hand it's too alternative for pop; many of the tracks fall into the category of of rock, but this is not consistent throughout. It's not completely hip-hop, funk or soul either. 


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