5ive - Bicycle Rider

Artist: 5ive

Song: Bicycle Rider

Album: 5ive (2001)

Not to be confused with the British boy band of the same name (heavens no!), Boston-based psych-stoner-doom act 5ive started out as an instrumental duo comprising guitarist Ben Carr and drummer Charlie Harrold. Signed to specialist indie label Tortuga, 5ive's 2001 eponymous debut was at first only released on vinyl, but eventually received a CD version. A second effort, enigmatically named Telestic Disfracture, followed later that year and featured occasional vocal contributions from Milligram singer Jonah J. Jenkins, but nothing has been heard from the group in recent years

5ive produces dirty, long, instrumental metal songs full of distortion and excess. While it consists of no more than six songs, this album is over 50 minutes in length. For those who are into metal to listen to while they study or read a book, this album will do. While the artwork on this release is beautifully arranged, the music seems to lack any means by which to stick out to the listener, but perhaps that's not what the band necessarily wanted. All in all, an interesting idea, but something which only diehards of the metal genre would plunk down hard-earned cash to purchase. ~ Kurt Morris, All Music Guide

(…)This is one of the best CDs I have ever had the chance to own. 5ive play driving/groove/distorted instrumental rock(although I don't want to classify this as anything but outstanding). It is unreal how good this CD is. From the first track to the last (six total), this album is driving, urgent and intense. I bought this album a couple years ago and it has never left the rotation from my car or home CD player. Buy this album!!! Then put it on repeat, and drive as fast as you can. It will make you glad you did.
My favorite tracks are (though all are amazing)-
1) Burning Season and 5) Bicycle Rider


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