The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Bicycle Adventure

Artist: The Lorraine Bowen Experience

Song: Bicycle Adventure

Album: Songs From The Living Room (1992), Greatest Hits Volume 1 (1995)


Lorraine Bowen is a singer, songwriter and musician. She was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1961.

She studied music at the University of Surrey and then busked around London. She was a member of two bands in the 1980s: See You in Vegas and The Dinner Ladies as well as performing regularly with Billy Bragg on stage and on record. She has also made many appearances on BBC Radio 4 including John Shuttleworth's show Radio Shuttleworth.

She performs solo shows under name of The Lorraine Bowen Experience and her songs are quirky, funny and often with a sense of kitsch. Themes include: food, film stars (one of her most popular songs is about Julie Christie), mobile phones and launderettes. They have catchy choruses and she encourages audience participation.

You HAVE to hear Bicycle Adventure. The song evoke such positive feelings that you will seek out the discs right after hearing them. 



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