Carbon 111 - Bicycle

Artist: Carbon 111

Song: Bicycle

Album: Shadow (2009)

Six years in the making, Shadow is a runaway rusty red bicycle on meandering boardwalk paths through cattail-filled marshes, a slow slither across warm painted-desert sands, the comfortable sleep-deprived hum of foreign airports at 3am and dry autumnal leaves blown along a lakeshore where crows fight for scraps of castaway moonlight.

Carbon111 (aka James Maier) is currently washed ashore on Puget Sound in the rain-misted Pacific Northwest where he follows his lifelong obsession into the shadows and sunlit pools of Music accompanied by his patient wife and neurotic cat. The journey is wild and strange and wonderful.

About Bicycle: The SCI Six-Track takes up rhythmic bass duties while two pianos courtesy of the Nord Stage and NI's Massive weave complimentary lines. Oasys provides the FM pad and Absynth provides some ambiance.

Bass Sequence - SCI 6-Trak
Mellow Piano - Nord Stage
Bright Piano - NI Massive
Seagulls - Waldorf Microwave XT
Ambience - NI Absynth 4

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