Jesus Chrysler Supercar - Bicycle

Artist: Jesus Chrysler Supercar

Song: Bicycle

Album: Latterday Speedway (1997)


JC Supercar have been dominating the Phoenix, Arizona alternative music scene since 1993, headlining their own shows, as well as opening for national acts, such as Tool, Radiohead, Goo Goo Dolls, Frank Black, Korn, Toadies, Mike Watt and many others.

Their first release, "Hay Bailer," sold over 3,000 units without any promotion whatsoever.

The band's hard rock edge, blended with vocalist Mitch Steele's unique voice and harmonies make Jesus Chrysler Supercar accessible to listeners of alternative, rock, pop and hard rock.

This 15-track masterpiece is the defining sound of the new rock scene. Fast, melodic and a helluva lot of fun, you can't ask for a more complete package. Finally, there's a band with something we've all been missing - talent!



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