Poly Styrene - Bicycle Song

Artist: Poly Styrene

Songs: Bicycle Song

Album: Translucence (1981)


Marian Joan Elliott Said, better known by the stage name Poly Styrene, is an English musician, best known as the singer of the punk rock band X-Ray Spex.


Poly Styrene in 1980 used her musical and poetic talents to create something different than X-Ray Spex' Germ Free Adolescents. This is acoustic, quiet, tranquil, tinkling, and bubbling. And Poly's delivery is not a "wail" as some had described her voice on the X-Ray Spex' album. Here she delivers her lyrics softly, at times almost in a whisper. The music is soothing, and the mood is peaceful. But don't get too comfortable.

For those who like to rock, avoid this album. For those whose tastes are a little more eclectic and aren't afraid of sampling new delicacies, than this will definitely be a tasty little morsel. The most striking element of the record is Poly's gorgeous singing, supported by the supple, jazzy arrangements. Clearly, not as aggressive or confrontational as her work with X-Ray Spex, but equally as rewarding. (Allmusic)

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