Orange Bicycle - Trip on an Orange Bicycle

Artist: Orange Bicycle

Song: Trip On An Orange Bicycle

Album: Hyacinth Threads: The Morgan Blue Town Recordings  (2004)

The first ever CD compilation of this revered English psychedelic harmony pop group. Covering their classic period from 1967 to 1969, this 33 track set includes their five singles for UK Columbia (including the rarity 'Early Pearly Morning'/'Go With Goldie'), eight tracks previously only issued on vinyl, along with 15 previously unreleased songs.

(…) Another lost british pop group of the late 60s,who relesed a load of singles but failed to chart in britain but did rather well in europe.This 2 cd compilation is more like an anthology covers all their a and b sides plus other recordings they did as well plus alternative tracks.Comes with a precise history of the group plus some rare photos,also includes pictures of their records and sleeves.Only thing that lets it down is the remastering could have been done better on some of the tracks.

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Where I can get it? Rapidshare or Depostfiles?