Little Bicycles - Broken Hearts and Tired Legs

Artist: The Little Bicycles

Album: Broken Hearts and Tired Legs (2007)


The Little Bicycles' debut album, Broken Hearts and Tired Legs, is packed full of energetic melodies paired with Nadia Kean's bittersweet reflective stories of young heartache, broken homes, and innocence lost. Every song gets stuck in your head--there's no filler on this album. Singer-songwriter Nadia Kean has been singing and writing music as a solo artist for most of her life. Andrea Hendel grew up playing violin and attended the Manhattan School of Music for five years. She started playing bass after meeting Kean through roller derby. Hendel's classical background, evident in her melodic & flowing bass lines, serves the pop-rock format of the band perfectly. Bryan Nelson is a seasoned and respected Austin musician/engineer who has worked at Austin's Sweatbox Studio for the past twelve years. He also currently plays drums for The Snake Trap, and guitar for Gorch Fock.


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