The Bicycle Thief - You Come and Go Like a Pop Song

Artist: The Bicycle Thief

Album: You Come and Go Like a Pop Song  (1999)

Named for Vittorio De Sica's groundbreaking movie, The Bicycle Thief formed when singer/songwriter/guitarist Bob Forrest's previous groupThelonious Monster disbanded ()


Bicycle Thief's debut album You Come & Go like a Pop Song features plenty of skewed yet coherent songwriting from Bob Forrest. His high, weedy voice adds more character to songs like "Tennis Shoes" and "Cereal Song," both of which use slightly hip-hop tinged beats and fractured guitar lines to create an updated version of the wry, diverse musical viewpoint Forrest first communicated in Thelonious Monster. A low-key, enjoyable first album, You Come & Go like a Pop Song gets Bicycle Thief off to a strong start.

John Frusciante, from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, appears on "Cereal Song". He plays one of the solo-guitars. This song is sometimes on the internet credited as a John Frusciante solo effort, it's titled "John Frusciante - Heroin" because of John Frusciante's history with the drug and the similarities to his solo work.

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