Icicle Works - The Small Price of a Bicycle

Artist: Icicle Works

Album: The Small Price of a Bicycle (1985)


The Icicle Works were one of those U.K. groups of the '80s that scored one fluke hit in the U.S. despite a somewhat lengthy and more successful run in their homeland. They released a number of albums that, while regularly inconsistent, featured scattered moments that helped define the type of big-sounding guitar rock -- prone to chest-beating bombast -- that set them apart from fellow Liverpool-based groups like Echo & the Bunnymen, the Teardrop Explodes, and (somewhat less so) Wah!

The group formed in 1980. 

The Icicle Works second album, The Small Price Of A Bicycle, is another gem. It starts off with the unbelievably great Hollow Horse, one of their best songs ever, and ends with the emotionally powerful Conscience Of Kings. But that's not all. In between these two songs are eight unforgettable songs. Songs that I keep singing to myself long after the music has stopped. The Small Price Of A Bicycle creates its own atmosphere and maintains it throughout. This is an exquisite album and one that any Icicle Works fan will want to have in their collection.


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