David Thomas - Bicycle

Artist: David Thomas

Song: Bicycle

Album: Monster Walks the Winter Lake (1986), Monster box set (1997)


David Thomas has been the bizarre and wonderful voice of Pere Ubu since the band's emergence from the Cleveland underground in the mid-'70s. In that capacity, he's attracted critical accolades from every quarter, if not teen idol status or platinum sales -- which isn't completely puzzling, given that he tends to write songs about birds, dinosaurs and hats, that he sings in a sort of strangled warble, and that his early stage name was Crocus Behemoth.

Monster Walks the Winter Lake is David Thomas' fourth solo album. The album is noted as being the most personal album in David Thomas' canon. The album was included in the 1997 David Thomas anthology box set Monster.


(…) Toward the end of one of Pere Ubu's many periods of inactivity, singer David Thomas made this album with a pickup group he named the Wooden Birds, members of which included bassist Tony Maimone, synth player Allen Ravenstine, and percussionist David Hild -- in short, a band suspiciously similar to Pere Ubu in makeup. Monster Walks the Winter Lake is something of a song cycle


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Under the moonlight,
a woman on a bicycle floats -
carefree & buoyant,
balanced in the air.
She drifts between the curves of a quiet street,
between the banks of a slow deep stream.

Under the moonlight,
the night breathes and enfolds us.
Its scent of warm skin is fragrant & fine.
It binds us together,
suspended in time,
we drift with the current of a slow deep stream.

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