Mogwai - Superheroes of BMX

Artist: Mogwai

Song: Superheroes of BMX

Album: 4 Satin (EP, 1997)

One of the best Mogwai tracks, that guitar plucking when it starts up like halfway through is perfect spaciousness.

The song begins with the sound of a phone call (which can be heard throughout most of the song) between Stuart Braithwaite and friend David Jack, whilst an electronic drumbeat plays. At (0:18), they are joined by the sound of a Bontempi Organ playing an A major chord, followed by a D minor chord, which is repeated all throughout the song. Layers of synth and a guitar riff play over the chords. A whooshing noise can be heard at various points. At (1:56), acoustic drums can be heard playing the drumbeat, until (2:30), when it goes back to electronic drums. At (3:53), distorted guitars begin playing along and feedbacking with the chords in the background. This guitar noise and feedback continues, fading in and out gradually for the next few minutes, until it becomes almost overbearing, at which point the song ends abruptly.

Before deciding on the name Bloc Party, Bloc Party were briefly known as Superheroes Of BMX.



the following lyrics are taken from what sounds like a telephone conversation, probably between martin and the band's manager (although this is not confirmed!).

how're you doing? (martin's voice?)
yeah 'bout the phone or something.
really, how you doing? ok?
not bad and you?
aye, pretty good like, what you been up to?
ah this and that you know (~~~~~~~~?)
what's that? i'm a wee bit better.
aye! i had a pretty good night that night.

... vocals are then drowned out by music

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