Grandaddy - Where I'm Anymore

Artist: Grandaddy

Song: Where I’m Anymore

Album: Just Like The Fambly Cat


I just watched the video for Grandaddy's "Where I'm Anymore" over at Aquarium Drunkard. It features Jason Lytle riding a bike through California, but not in the trans-state adventure sense. It's generic California, a grove of lemon trees and a suburban street, no clouds in a high, flat sky. He's singing to the camera, or rather lip-synching, cracking a smile at times and at one point laughing. His hat fell off when he ducked under a particularly low branch - it wasn't scripted (if indeed any of this was) and he couldn't help it. There's something bittersweet about seeing him without his trademark trucker's cap, the way he looks so old and a little resigned. But there's also something in his laugh, and how he grins to his friend behind the camera. Lytle, we get the sense, is exactly where he belongs and exactly where he couldn't escape: the deathless suburbia of Modesto, CA. He's a boy on his bike, probably bored but eternally all right, all too relatable. And what's more, watching this video makes it clear that Grandaddy is done. Done being a band, done touring the world, and mostly done trying to be what they could have been. Embracing their irrelevance, showing us that these sunny anystreets are where they belong, and that they will be and have been fine without us.


That is, until I caught the new Grandaddy video for “Where I’m Anymore” (online of course). It’s back to basics weirdness, Jason Lytle on a bicycle, riding along in a grove of trees and a typical American suburban neighborhood, singing his song with in inanimate cat (the Fambly Cat, I assume).

It’s sort of indicative of the current state of Grandaddy, all that’s left is Jason. He just finished up a short promotional tour with some in store acoustic performances and radio interviews. From what I understood from his WOXY interview, he’s heading back to his new home in Montana to live the quiet life. ‘Just Like the Fambly Cat’ is sadly Grandaddy’s swan song, but I’d bet Jason will be soaking up some inspiration out there in the Big Sky Country and it won’t be too long before we hear his melodic, poetic tech-organic-space tunes again….



Ten Million Pounds Of Plastic Baby Stuff There
Beyond the Doors
Garage Sale Sunday In.. I Don't Know Where I'm
M'ijas Ridin Little Pink Bikes In The Middel Of the Road
Garage Sale Sunday In.. I Don't Know Where I'm

Chorus: Meow,Meow,Meow,Meow,Meow
Where I'm Anymore(2)

There Was a Punch Out, Happened At the Take-out,
a Tweaker And a Dog
It Seems That the dog stole a Blanker From
the tweaker in the park
But Cheap Shots Happen When Thermometers are yellin
Garage Sale Sunday In..I Don't Know Where I'm


The Ice Cream Truck Each Night Plays"Don't Belive The Hype"
For Oil Stained Driveways With Exercise Equipment
Piled High
All This seen From a Yellow Lawn, Getting Ready For
Garage sale Sunday In..I Don't Know Where I'm


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