Bugz in the Attic/Nutmeg - Bicycle Kick

Artist: Bugz in the Attic - Nutmeg

Song: Bicycle Kick

Album: Fabriclive 12 (2003)


Bugz in the Attic is an all-star broken beat crew of DJs and producers based in West London

“Bicycle Kick”? it’s an instrumental by Nutmeg and also:

1 - Standard Pete Townshend stage effect. Basically, you jump, kick your legs out in opposite directions, and wail really hard on your guitar. I don't recommend trying it unless you are quite agile. Ankle breakage seems like a very great threat. Well, then there's the fact that I'm not very agile or a good guitar player. I guess if you can't play like Pete, you shouldn't jump like Pete. Course you can swing your microphone like Roger.

Pete Townshend is legendary for his intense guitar playing. But in August 1989, Pete's ax fought back with a vengeance. During a stop in Tacoma, Wash., Pete impaled his right hand on its whammy bar while performing his famous windmill move. This wasn't the only time the Who guitarist has hurt his hand. Back in 1981, Townshend punched a wall backstage during a tour, breaking several bones. Ten years later, he shattered his wrist into a dozen fragments in a bike accident that threatened to end his career.

when a bicycle accident can damage a great guitarist

2 - An interesting way to score a goal in soccer. You first kick one leg high in the air, then bring it down sharply, throwing the other up in the air, which strikes the ball above your head sending it back behind you into the net. You end up falling down on your back, but it still looks cool.

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