Eric Clapton - Bike Ride

Artist: Eric Clapton

Song: Bike Ride

Album: Homeboy (soundtrack, 1988)


Soundtrack featuring Eric Clapton, Jb Hutto and the New Hawks, Peggy Scott, the Brakes, and Magic Sam.

The guitar pieces are great, Eric Clapton and the other artists who have created tracks especially for this, have done themselves proud. Very moody, bluesy, country, a melting pot of musical influences and emotions, very much like the film.


Eric Clapton, in his youth, rode a bike as well as played guitar; he even raced a little and rode a few time-trials. The guitar became his number one passion and won out over the bicycle, but the bicycle keeps popping up now and then throughout his life and career.

I recently discovered Eric Clapton has a personal blog. He doesn’t write much, mostly posts pictures of his travels, and of objects that interest him.
Recently he posted a picture of a
Unicanitor bicycle saddle along with pictures of some cowboy belt buckles. You would be hard pressed to find more dissimilar objects than these and no one but an ex-cyclist would find a bike saddle interesting enough to take a picture.
The Cinelli Unicanitor saddle dates from 1962 and far was a truly innovative product, the first saddle with a plastic hull!
A search through the archives, unearthed a picture of a
Cinelli badge, the kind they used to put on their steel handlebar stems. Also, a fixed gear Cinelli track bike.

on November 17th, 2006, he wrote:
“Driven by insatiable passions, governed by the need to be free and independent.......these are some of the things that stop me in my tracks.”
This quote is followed by photos of two different Ferrari cars, and a Dodge Night Runner truck. The fourth picture is of a vintage
Cinelli Special Corsa road bike that appears to be in new condition.

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