Lightning Bolt - Bizzarro Bike

Artist: Lightning Bolt

Song: Bizzarro Bike

Album: Hypermagic Mountain (2005)

The Lightning Bolt, a noise rock duo from Providence, Rhode Island; their "Bizzarro Bike", rather, the only piece that I heard of their Bizzarro Bike, drills our ears with a special power: heavy drumming and a marginally impressive guitar solo: be careful!

Amped madmen Brian Chippendale (speed drums & vox) and Brian Gibson (bass and pedal pile) out of Providence, RI, pushed Hypermagic Mountain far beyond DIY, garage, grunge or punk into something rather unique: completely unintelligible loud noise banged out on the trashiest of equipment. Lyrics, when there are any, come from a half swallowed telephone transmitter pumped up past annoying feedback into ear splitting garble, while bass and drums at 3800 raw watts race through hypnotic trance beats. It’s an anarchic departure, anti-intellectual, no need to explain, something with which to rattle, rave and roll. Their live performance video, Power of (Sound) Salad & Milkshakes shows Fort Thunder base loft thick with BMXs and fixies, Olneyville’s bike lanes into downtown, confirmed in conversation as inspiration for this instrumental. Title “Magic Mountain” shows loudly they are onto something it will leave you deaf, stop your heart, or vibrate your it’ll get you evicted, just like they have everywhere they or showed up and plopped right down in middle of a audience to participate and play with the spontaneity impromptu party without barriers of seats or stage. (Bike and Chain)



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