Motorpsycho - Dr. Hoffman's Bicycle

Artist: Motorpsycho

Song: Dr. Hoffman’s Bicycle

Album: Barracuda, EP 2001

It's a long psychedelic ride, more than seven minutes: "Dr. Hoffman's Bicycle "(do not forget who's mr. Hoffman, aka mr. LSD) written by Norwegian Motorpsycho and inserted at the end of valuable mini album “Barracuda”, A.D. 2001. It’s a very effective rock song directly from 70s, between Spirit and Led Zeppelin, and a little of lysergic acid that dr. Hoffman knew very well. His magical bicycle-ride while experiencing the world's first acid-trip is immortalized here.

There is a cool article about Hoffman turning 100 in the Seattle Post Intelligencer (see below). We will have to thank Rolf Klausen for finding the link & posting it to g35 (as Rolf puts it: "Yes, the bicycle is mentioned.") -- thank you, I very much enjoyed reading it!



He put his answer there in front of us, her and him

took the blue lane down the road and invited us in

took the 9th to the 7th heaven for a peak

and wanted us to stay there for a week and ride

and ride dr. Hoffmann's bicycle

ride dr. Hoffmann's bicycle

I had everything I wanted there and then

didn't ever wanna go back home again

it was blowing all the cobwebs from my mind

now there's a new day rising for all of us and it's time to ride

and ride dr, Hoffmann's bicycle

ride dr, Hoffmann's bicycle

dirt roads became interstates overnight

and the signs along the way were flashing bright

some just lost direction for a while

but the stragglers huddling cold soon lost their smiles

and plain refused to

ride dr, Hoffmann's bicycle

ride dr, Hoffmann's bicycle

ride ride ride..

truckstops became junkyards behind their eyes

anxiously wearing tie-dyed ties

there are two ways on every road you know my friend:

and the best minds choose the crooked one

again and again and again and again and again...

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