Linda Ronstadt - Bicycle Song (Soon Now)

Artist: Linda Ronstadt

Song: Bicycle Song (Soon Now)

Album: The Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt (1967)

The songs on this album typically shade more toward the "folk" than the "rock" side of the folk-rock musical genre. Kenny Edwards recalls of these sessions: "The first record was just basically bass, drums, and us: the live representation of what we did, with the addition of a rhythm section. I don't think that we had any radio play." The themes on the songs are familiar ones from folk music: the seasons, weather, stars, trains, love

The Stone Poneys is a studio album by the Stone Poneys; other than an early single of "So Fine" that was produced by Mike Curb in 1965 (though not released until 1968), this album includes the first recordings by Linda Ronstadt. Whether intended or not, the front cover photo appears to show the band as a more modern version of Peter, Paul and Mary; and like this group, most of the songs are sung in three-part harmony.

With roots in the Los Angeles country and folk-rock scenes, Linda Ronstadt became one of the most popular interpretive singers of the '70s, earning a string of platinum-selling albums and Top 40 singles. Throughout the '70s, her laid-back pop never lost sight of her folky roots, yet as she moved into the '80s, she began to change her sound with the times, adding new wave influences. After a brief flirtation with pre-rock pop, Ronstadt settled into a pattern of adult contemporary pop and Latin albums, sustaining her popularity in both fields.… Read more

Soon now

I'm gonna tell the people in the streets

And set 'em dancin'

Soon now I'm gonna tell the whole world

I'm in love

Soon now I'm gonna write a letter home

And tell my mother

Soon now I'm gonna tell the whole world

I'm in love

I'm in love with you

And the world is new

It feels so good to be alive

I'm in love I can't keep the news inside

Soon now I'm gonna go walkin' through the trees

And talkin' to the flowers

Soon now I'm gonna tell the whole world

I'm in love

All of my life I was lonely

Nobody cared

Nobody loved me

Now that you're here

I'm always happy happy happy

Soon now I'm gonna tell all of my friends

And they'll go party

Soon now I'm gonna tell the whole world

I mean the whole world

I mean the whole world

I'm in love

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