Grandaddy - Broken

Artist: Grandaddy

Song: Broken

Album: The Windfall Varietal (2000)

The Windfall Varietal is an unofficial album by the band Grandaddy, released in 2000. It first became available on their tour with Elliott Smith, beginning October 2000.

The album started out as a way to make more songs available less expensively. It was sold only at shows, but was eventually withdrawn from sale over issues concerning the final track which the band did not have full permission to release. The band claims only a couple thousand were sold. The songs on the album were recorded between 1994 and 2000.

Some versions had other stickers applied, such as the robo-deer image and some had just a plain white sleeve.

rough fought boy with a sub-sandwich
his new girlfriend makes a good one
his closest friends call him broken
'cause he's self titled busted up
he rode dirt bikes years ago
won some trophies did some shows
and a few demos
the boy, yes, he's my friend
assemblage of stories and things
when it rains
he feels pain
but he don't mind
'cause it's all the same
the boy, yes, he's my friend
assemblage of wonderful things

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