Grandaddy - For The Dishwasher

Artist: Grandaddy

Song: For The Dishwasher

Album: The Broken Down Comforter Collection

A collection of B-sides, EPs, and rare tracks, this release proves just how consistent Grandaddy is. Their enjoyable, but highly eccentric style was just as well-performed on the early tracks as on the recent songs. Indeed, Grandaddy's noisy-yet-melodic approach has never sounded rawer than on the 1994 track "Kim You Bore Me to Death." The Broken Down Comforter Collection is, however, rather sparse in places. "Gentle Spike Resort," this compilation's opener, showcases the dull, passive side of the band. Fortunately, these low points come around rarely, and are far outnumbered by the quality tracks. Grandaddy, being the superbly original band that they are, will not please all listeners. Those with an open mind and a taste for something a little abnormal, however, will lap up The Broken Down Comforter Collection and all its eccentricities.

"For the Dishwasher," a polished, richly textured track that's as good as anything on Grandaddy's albums…

(…) Not just the mundane but the downtrodden also. "For the Dishwasher" all about a..dishwasher, riding home after his day's work. He is told "it will be alright, just go to sleep tonight", again release through our dreams, the focal point.
Lyttle's lyrics move the listener all the way through. Immediately, following the above couplet, the consolation, "you'll get another chance some day" is offered, adding unbearable poignancy to proceedings.
It also offers an insight into the often child-like and utterly charming insights offered by the band's singer and songperson, Jason Lyttle.
For all the often sentimental value his lyrics hold throughout, the romantic side of things is painted as tragic on the final track and on 'For the Dishwasher' it is firmly rejected - "F**k that subject love". This is beautiful, encapsulating brilliantly the frustration and anger the rejected among us feel. (…)

A live version, recorded at Glastonbury Festival 2003, is present on the second cd of a limited edition of Sumday.


ride your bike all night and give your heart a break
and give your head a shove and fuck that subject love
you'll get another chance someday
ride your bike till dawn and keep your lantern on
computers in the sun not one with power on
all alone and no one's won
for the dishwasher who rides home late tonight
it will be alright just go to sleep tonight
you'll get another chance some day

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