Defiance Ohio - To Lanterns, Denver, And One Last Lament

Artist: Defiance Ohio

Song: To Lanterns, Denver, And One Last Lament

Album: Defiance Ohio - Ghost Mice (split ep 2004)

Defiance, Ohio is an acoustic punk (typically referred to as folk-punk) band from Columbus, Ohio. They are known for their extensive touring and intense, enthusiastic live shows.

this song is about friends going their seperate ways. it's about missing the friends that I left behind in columbus. sometimes I have drifted away from people and now want nothing to do with them, but they still possess all the amazing traits that made me want to spend all the time I did with them. I want to remember this, and I want them to know this as we move on.



saying "i hate" and "i didn't think the time was right," are sometimes the same or at least alike in action. i think you should say "this is what i want." maybe columbus went to far and bloomington, well that's where we are, but i'd like to think we would be relevent to each other again one of these days. (i want) you to be what all the printed cloth and papers proclaim! what all your favorite bands seem to explain.

who would have thought that i'd end up here, that you'd end up here, but that this is where you and i should end? though i think it should and know it's for the best, i want you to know that you're still just as beautiful as the day we met.

and when we speak again, i can tell you how i still can't roll cigarettes, or how i showed up in denver, once almost by accident, or how i learned of diogynes' haunts of rome in search of honest men. and you'd tell me things i could never predict, of bikes or of the baltic sear or the woes of your last laments. things i'd never expect ...

we write the songs of revolution, and we write the songs of the love. it's not always easy to sing along, and it's near impossible to sing twice as loud, when your best friend quits singing along!!!

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