Grandaddy - Fuck The Valley Fudge

Artist: Grandaddy

Song: Fuck The Valley Fudge

Album: Excerpts From the Diary of Todd Zilla (EP, 2005)

When bands go a few years between albums, it's sometimes nice to know what they've been up to before that next LP comes out. And now we can thank dear ol' Grandaddy for squeezing out a little taste of what's to come with a new EP entitled Excerpts From the Diary of Todd Zilla. Recorded at Lytle's home studio in Ceres, Calif., on older equipment - none of that "glitzy 24-track" business - its eight tracks will not appear on the band's forthcoming fifth full-length. Tracks: 'Pull My Curtains', 'At My Post', 'A Valley Son (Sparing)', 'Cinderland', 'Fu*k The Valley Fudge, 'Florida', 'Goodbye?' and 'Hidden Health Announcement'.

Lytle sounds bored beneath his typical raised-glazed vox, and it shows. Much of the record is devoted to lambasting his current locale with cruise-control accompaniment: Piano ballad "Fuck the Valley Fudge" sticks it to the strip malls nursery-rhyme style … read more


siamese portuguese dirty knees look at these
rookies around us, aren't you glad you found us?
now if are who you say you are get up here to the bar
we'll plot out a plan to take down the man
we'll start with that "new future superstore"
and steal all their decorative rocks
and we'll fight all their rent-a-cops
and for the freeway maintainers who assist our escape
we got sandwiches, chips, and cold gatorade
we'll expose all the bicyclists who really are
DUI students who can't drive their cars
and we'll take stucco dust and wet drywall sludge
combine 'em just right to make "fuck the valley" fudge
chucky cheese
dirty deeds
don't you see?
"fuck the valley" fudge
it's my hate and my love
can't you see?
"fuck the valley" fudge
it's my hate and my love
"fuck the valley" fudge
it's my hate and my love
"fuck the valley" fudge
it's my hate, my love
"fuck the valley" fudge
"fuck the valley"

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