Taggart - Heavy Pedal

Artist: Taggart

Song: Heavy Pedal

Album: Parts of My Bicycle Are Made of Chrome (2002)

This quartet has some quality songs, but the style seems to run the gamut, from straightforward emocore pop in the vein of Jimmy Eat World to an underlying punk attitude on many numbers. "Lifeboat" as well as "Chelsea" have some Rancid overtones to them in their confrontational delivery of them. "Empty Introduction" is indicative of the cumbersome problems that rear their small but ugly head, a nice introduction which switches instantly into a nu metal configuration. When the band does find their mark, it's a very positive result, with the rock of "Bufferless" infectious in its tone and gentleness. Inspired by some rock deities, the group tends to get much tighter musically and lyrically as the album progresses. "California" and "Rotten Life" give a shot in the sonic arm, while "Everything Pales" makes everything else within pale by comparison. The group delves into many areas, but a decent if not entirely remarkable recording is the end result. ~ Jason MacNeil, All Music Guide All Music Guide

Taggart is a tremendous rock and roll outfit from the depths of Philadelphia. Taggart's swaggering debut is a melodic mixture of emo, garage, punk, and alternative that's just one hit song away from a commercial breakthrough. Poignant, rowdy, melancholy, and reckless

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