Blossom (Blumchen) - Bicycle Race

Artist: Blossom (Blumchen)

Album: Bicycle Race (2004)

Jasmin Wagner, (born April 20, 1980, Hamburg, Germany) better known as Blümchen, is a multi-platinum selling pop and dance music singer, aspiring actress, model/spokesperson and avegetarian. Although she releases her English albums under the name Blossom, her German stage name "Blümchen" actually translates to "floret" or "small flower". She is also known as Denim Girl, performing the song "Are You Ready For Some Darkness?" on A Tribute toTurbonegro compilation "Alpha Motherfuckers"


With her 3rd single, Blossom (a.k.a Blümchen) delivers quite an awesome remix cover from a song originally done by the Queen. This version of 'Bicycle Race' is fun to listen to and has great vocals. The music is fast, peppy and great to dance to. In my opinion, this single is not as sought after as her other singles, but great nontheless. For the hardcore Blossom fan, this is a must buy. Any fan of techno or electronica music should give this single a whirl.


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