Kaleid - Zen and The Surveillance of Bicycle Messengering

Artist: Kaleid

Album: Zen and The Surveillance of Bicycle Messengering (2002)

Richardson offers an intriguing, unsettling mix of sonic architecture designed for a headphones only trip.

This is not music, per say but atmospheric soundscapes of a bicycle messenger on LSD. Listening to it makes you feel trippy, he’s in traffic one minute & walking through a party the next, delivering his micro phoned ZEN surveillance of noise & sound. My only complaint is the lack of music, a nice idea….great name for a mix.

Dig if you will: On a 20 below zero evening, you leave on your bike in much the same frame of mind Albert Hoffman was in as he left the lab on that fateful night.
For better or for worse, you've found yourself again with familiar people drinking at the Alcohol Abuse Center.
After smoking enough pot to kill a bison you're back in the Tundra riding home for the sonic maze of analog keys, digitally pirated surveillance and headphones as the LSD trails off. As the sunrises over the lake, you cat nap.
An hour and a half later: Go play in traffic some more.
Welcome to VoidWare Productions. Enjoy the ride.

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