Shakeyface - Bicycle Day Boogaloo

Artist: Shakeyface

Album: Bicycle Day Boogaloo (2006)

Doug Smiley, aka Shakeyface, is a talented DJ and producer who has been working the DJ circuit and contributing to compilations for some time. This is his debut full-length, and it's a solid winner. His music tends to get classified as "abstract hip-hop," and that's probably as good a label as any for the good-humored but heavyweight funk over which he lays unusual but highly intelligent samples and loops. Though the beats are central, this is no meathead big beat stuff: the subtle layers of rhythmic complexity that make up "Song for Hank" will take more than one listen to sort out, and the jittery trip-hop jazz of "Bassism" is similarly complicated. Jazz and dub keep popping up unannounced, as on the very nice "A Certain Way with Things" and the swinging "As I Was Saying" (which almost sounds like it was built on sped-up samples from Steve Reich's "New York Counterpoint"), but there are also lots of good glitchy moments and some beat-heavy throwdowns as well -- in fact, "Looking Ahead" incorporates both. When vocals enter the picture they don't always improve things (note the rather obnoxious "Art of Moving"), but for the most part this music is instrumental and is the better for it. Highly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

The Brooklyn electronica artist Shakeyface's take on the genre mixes up cut-up samples of guitars, trashy drum sounds, vintage hip-hop beats, and fragments of funky R&B in a surprisingly cohesive set that never lets experimentation get in the way of a good dance cut.


[URL=http://musicremedy.com/s/Shakeyface/videos/Bicycle_Day_Boogaloo_radiomix-5495.html]Bicycle Day Boogaloo (radiomix) video by Shakeyface[/URL]

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