Carrie Rodriguez - Seven Angels on a Bicycle

Artist: Carrie Rodriguez

Album: Seven Angels on a Bicycle (2006)

The Associated Press raved, "...her voice has a character few achieve. Rather than a support player taking a minor turn, she uses her first solo album to mark her ground as a singular talent.

(…) Although this is officially singer/fiddler Carrie Rodriguez's solo debut, her musical mentor Chip Taylor--with whom she has recorded three previous discs of duets--is an integral ingredient. Taylor wrote or co-wrote all but one track and is also the album's producer. With Seven Angels on a Bicycle, the partnership that worked so well on Red Dog Tracks, The Trouble With Humans, and Let's Leave This Town has yielded another winner. The songs shift between folk, country, and even jazz, the latter aided by the amazing Bill Frisell, whose delicate, restrained textures and effects create an introspective mood as much as Rodriguez's lovely, sensitive voice. Much of this atmospheric release floats by with barely-there percussion, haunting tunes, and a languid yet exquisite sense of subtlety rare in contemporary music. Rodriguez goes into hoedown mode only once--on the frisky "Never Going to Be Your Bride"--but her fiddle colors these songs in muted shades that perfectly enhance their emotional concerns. She's a stirring singer--somewhat like Suzanne Vega--whose vocal innocence in tracks like "This Kiss" provides a perfect counterpoint for lyrics predominantly concerned with lost love and lovers. This is a stark, beautiful set of pensive songs that results in a low-key jewel of an album made for listening, not dancing. The talented Rodriguez needs no further proof that she is very much ready for prime time. --Hal Horowitz

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Anonymous said...

The title song is a beautiful & moving tribute to a childhood friend of her's from Austin who was killed while riding his bike in Manhattan. It really takes you places (sonically & emotionally) - he must have had a very nice life. A great album, and a great artist. I was lucky enough to see her open for (and then play with) Alejandro Escovedo last year here in Seattle (at The Triple Door) and was blown away. She's coming back here almost a year later and this time playing Bumbershoot (on a stage with Eric Huthinson & World Party)! Very weird that she's so good, plays here at an event like Bumbershoot (!!!) and still is not played on either of the two (supposedly cool) radio stations here (KMTT or KEXP) where her music would fit in so well.